Is there any way to become unpermabanned?

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Would you unban me?

Yes. 2 vote(s) 33.3%
No. 4 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. I became permabanned for apparently "stealing in the wild" I don't have any record of this happening, so I believe my little 9 year old brother went into a random chest in the wild and without knowing what he was doing, stole items from another person! Although maybe he did just rob and try to get me banned! Is there anything I can do to sort out this issue? I really love this server and I've spent the last month and a half doing what I can to improve my experience and being involved in the community.
  2. Thank you, I hope this works!
  3. Be honest and it typically works.
  4. Ask one of the moddddssssssssss
  5. I know, I think, in fact I'm pretty sure that my brother stole from some random chest I think and Dwight5273 found out and permabanned me! I will make sure of it that my brother doesn't get access to my profile ever again!
  6. Hold on, Dwight's a mod, right? I saw him on the servers before soooo..?
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  7. I am sorry but that excuse is a bit overused. If you are unbanned, remember it is your responsibility when it comes to who uses your account.

    Edit: yes, he is a mod.
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  8. Dwight is a mod. Do the way I told you, it's the best and easiest way.
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  9. Yes. He is. A greeeennnn perrrrssssooonnnn
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  10. He is. You as a person are not banned, your account is banned. It does not matter who used your account. Just appeal and if you are honest it should all work out.
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  11. I have to take your opinions into mind and now that I look at it from another angle, I feel really dumb for letting someone else use my account now! I thank you all for your insight into this situation, I definitely agree whith the criticism from Olaf_C informing me that my account is my responsibility and knocking me back to my senses!
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  12. I suggest that you give your little brother a beat down, he needs to learn some respect! Just saying'... lol! :D Atleast give him a purple nurple... hehe (BTW, I am just kidding, trying to be funny.)
  13. Lol, probably should!
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  14. No! Violence is never the answer! Also, then you will get discipline from your parents.
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  15. Psh, lol.
    You just do it when they aren't around :]
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  16. Why I love the community! It's got an amazing atmosphere!
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