Is there a max xp level?

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  1. I have been grinding xp for a few weeks, and seem to be stuck at 410 levels. Is this a max, or is there a bug happening? It seems like killing mobs or trading with villagers will drop the orbs, and I can pick them up, but the xp level bar in my hud remains at 0. Thanks :)
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  2. It shouldn't have a limit, at least not such a low one. EMC might have some kind of cap of its own, but why?
  3. Nah at the high it takes a while for it to go up.
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  4. Possible, but if he's reached 410 wouldn't he be used to the rate at which the bar grows? I mean, the decrease in the rate is smooth, there are no leaps where a level requires much more experience than the previous ones.
  5. Well assuming there is "no maximum" we have a few options.

    First off, we'd need to know how the value for XP is stored. I don't know if it is stored as actual XP amount (for example, killing an animal yelled 5 XP), or if it is stored by level (you need 30 levels for a max level enchantment).

    Assuming it is stored by level, it would be the highest 64-bit number. That is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

    If it is stored by XP, it's a different story. We would have to plug this into the formula

    y = 4.5(x^2) - 162.5x + 2220
    With y being total XP, x being level.

    That comes out to be 1,431,655,783.388888.
    So theoretically that is the max level. Although please correct me if I'm wrong :3
  6. When your xp goes higher you get less exp orbs
    personally i do not think there is a max level. You can test this in a command block too
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  7. It can't be that it's because of his high level, since 409 wouldn't have taken him that incredibly long.

    Seems like some weird issue.
  8. No, it is 2,147,483,647 XP...That is the maximum from last of what I knew.

    EDIT: Calculated wrong, in fact read it wrong. Maximum level in 1.8.9 is 21863 with 7 green bars filled in.
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  9. I know someone who has a much higher level than 410 in game so that is definitely not the cap on emc. :)
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  10. I believe you are mistaken. 2.147 billion is the 32 bit cap, not 64 bit :)
  11. But the max level is 21863...
  12. I'm not quite sure, would the max level vary based on whether someone is running an actual 32 bit version of minecraft of would the devs have worked around that?

  13. considering my lvls are FAR beyond 410 its prolly an issue specific to Mmark. just not sure what... =/ so yeah i'm guessing no lvl cap except what minecraft itself has in place...
  14. And I thought 77 was high :p
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  15. First thing you should do when you experience weird behavior is to check your environment. For example: are you using the latest Java version?

    You can easily check by opening up a command box and then use: java -version.

    Next is your client: are you using any mods or such? If that is the case you might want to try switching to vanilla to see if that changes things. And speaking of clients: using the current version (1.8.8 or the recently released 1.8.9) is also an important thing.

    I'd advice you to start checking these first.
  16. I'm still using 1.8.1 and I have never had any issues :D

    Edit... you have potatoes....
  17. of course i have potatoes. i have to eat. plus you get xp from killing pigmen at the farm, xp from cooking the potatoes that you grow. and xp from trading the flesh for emeralds. XP, XP, oh and more XP... why would i NOT eat potatoes...saves on the entcount that way from not having cows all over the place
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  18. Lol, it seems others know how good gold farms are at giving xp :p
  19. I am sure of it, I am not getting any xp increases from anything. Whether it be manual killing, or at my farm, the xp orbs drop, but my xp bar doesnt move.
  20. A couple weeks back, I had about 182 levels... and if that took long, then I don't know how you got so many levels Reaven. I seem to be stuck now at 92 though, slowly, but surely moving along. I tested it in my creative/cheats testing world, and the highest level should be 21863. It seems that either it is client side (not server, because

    There should be no cap to it.