Is the Wither Sound Gone?

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  1. There used to be a sound that would be broadcast to everyone on an smp when either a wither was created or when it was killed. Is that sound gone?
  2. Yeah, true. I believe this got changed after 1.9 was released and plenty of players got a bit annoyed with hearing the Ender dragon kill sound dozens of time during their session.

    Good of you to remind me, I still planned on finding some official feedback before adding it to the wiki. If I do I'll share here as well. But in the mean time I can confirm this to be happening.
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  3. I killed 2 on smp 9 in the waste last night. Approximately 9-10pm sometime. Can anyone confirm if they heard it?
  4. That's right, there was an ender dragon sound too. I haven't heard that in a while also. I liked hearing the wither or ender dragon. It could break up the monotony and I would always wonder who was doing it. I might ask who was doing it and sometimes it could start some chat. You could meet new people talking about it. Sorry it has to go.
  5. /ps withersound t might be a considered feature
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  6. I don't miss it :p
  7. I do, I loved pestering smp's with killing a lot of them after each other... :p lol, I didn't do it often though. :p
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  8. I think you are a bit of a hermit though.
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  9. No I'm still here and make noise :)
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