Is the death penalty effective?

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Is the death penalty effective?

Yes 40 vote(s) 58.0%
No 29 vote(s) 42.0%
  1. I'm writing an essay on wether or not the death penalty is effective. Before i say my opinion, i would like to hear yours. IS the death penalty effective? Why or why not?
  2. I believe so.
    Why waste money housing the rapists, murderers and psychos for the rest of their life in a place with 24/7 security, 3 square meals a day, recreation and more?
  3. Yes.

    inb4 debate thread.
  4. For some reason my town is building houses for sex offenders....:/ RIGHT BY a high school
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  5. You really like starting threads that can cause big arguments...
  6. ugh, i meant to vote yes on the poll xD. I think it's effective
  7. I didn't understand any of that >.>
  8. By any chance, is this a controversial issue project? Because my school has one atm...

    Back on topic:
    I think that it is effective, most of the reasons stated before in this thread (dajakoe's post)
  9. I don't think it is as were just doing the same thing to these people like they did to others.
  10. i didn't want to argue, just whanted to know what everyone else though.
  11. So what happens when they sentence the wrong person?
  12. If we have put one man or woman to death wrongfully then the practice of administering a death penalty is unjust and ineffective.
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  13. I say no, as doing this is just as bad as what they did.
  14. Of course it is
  15. Well some times people who are criminals can reform themselves. Plus if we wrongfully accuse someone and they die we can't just say "Oh well" and get over it and act like nothing happened and that we didn't kill an innocent person and maybe made it so that a kid grows up without a dad or a mom and hates the government because of them killing one of their parents or both of their parents.
  16. 1) Someone works to find evidence that that person is innocent
    2) they are wrongfully killed
  17. I mean 2. They have wrongfully killed people. And if they do that it is a messed idea.
  18. Implying that just apologizing would make up for killing an innocent person.
  19. America's entire "justice" system is corrupt and ineffective.
  20. Do you live in America?
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