is it rude to go to other people outposts to check them out

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by g26curtis, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. title!~!!!!!
  2. It's not rude if you don't destroy/steal anything :)
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  3. As long as you don't grief and steal I don't think people have issues with it.
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  4. Sort of yes, if they want to retain their privacy.
    It definitely is if you start to use their stuff like cobble gens without permissions.
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  5. It's completely up to the owner of the outpost on what they think if you go to their outpost. If you use things like cobble generators without permission like rainbow said, yes, it's very rude..
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  6. Not really but i'd ask them first :/

    Had someone come to one of mine once after I asked them not too and thought it was pretty rude..
  7. I find it rude to wander into any camps I've made, but that's just me.
  8. ok thanks for the input!
  9. From my standpoint, I agree with everyone else that said it's fine as long as you're just looking. Minecraft is meant to show off people's building skills/ability, so what's the point if nobody sees it. :p
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  10. Woohoo! I got the first like of an ICC post *feels proud*
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  11. the reason i asked was i was rejected from an outpost but found it and just wanted to look, they told me its rude, so i wont go there again but i do want to checkout other people outposts
  12. I find it "rude" that the owner told you that you are not allowed to go there yet you go on live map find were it is then go there any way. Yes that is "rude". If you told me to get off you res in town and i didn't you would take move off. You cant do that in the wild so you would have to respected that they did not want you there.
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  13. I don't know about you but if somebody found my outpost ( if I had one ), I would be kind of worried. Now that they know where you live what happens if you log out? Will they grief or just simply keep walking?
  14. Not trying to start a rant or anything.. But, you went there after we rejected you, and even after we said it was rude?

    As a co-owner of an outpost, we don't want unwanted guests appearing for no reason, even after they've been told not to. If you happened to go to our outpost, and I actually so you on the live map, heading to where the nether portal was, please, never return, or speak of it to anyone.

    I'm not happy at all about this.
  15. there is no "private property" on emc so as long as you arent messing with anything you can be wherever you want, i find outposts all the time and check em out for building ideas. i also can maphide tho so i guess its not much of an issue
  16. After you applied for the outpost and you were denied what would give you that going out there is a good idea? I understand wanting to see or look around, but if the outpost is something you were denied from after filling out an application wouldn't that flash a red flag and say don't do it?

    As owning the outpost and you PM'ing me in game, and I stated that it was rude to come out to the outpost, yes, but I don't feel a forum post was necessary.
  17. So, not trying to be mean but now that we see that OP has left out some parts of the story that were filled in by Piggeh and Sam then yes, it is a bit rude to disobey their wishes and go there even after being told no. I can understand if you were exploring and happened upon it like Bite stated, but just deliberately going out there after you were told no is disrespecting their request. If you just happen to come across it or go out to visit and they don't mind then it's a different story.
  18. There was nothing that said don't visit, just don't join. I wanted to see the outpost to combine some ideas for my own outpost. I wasn't planning on touching anything there

    The same comments keep coming so I got my answer do not want any more comments

    Close thread
  19. Well, if you were denied, we don't want you coming to our outpost, therefore, you disrespected us, and our words. It should've dinged a bell in your head not to come. Sam also told you it was rude to come, after you've been denied to come.
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  20. Close thread, and sry didn't realize its such a big deal
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