[IRRELIGIOUS THREAD] For Science Things.

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  1. A religious thread has been established. To keep everything fair, I have created an area for the secular population of the Empire to post things pertaining to atheism, agnosticism, and other beliefs pertaining to irreligion.

    Rules and Guidelines:
    - EMC Commandments apply.
    - Tolerate the religious. You are encouraged to counter, scrutinise and criticise religious ideals, but be respectful to the actual religious people.
    - Religious people are welcome to ask questions and pose civilized arguments, on the condition they do not be uncivilised. All irreligious people in this thread should keep a cool head during interface discussions concerning the religious.
    - Post relevant content.

  2. Come on, really? The people who will likely post in this thread went into the religious thread and basically said thank you for putting a prefix up. They were very polite about it. Please give this thread the same respect that they gave yours.
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  4. The "Atheist Thread" I linked to was closed, and this seems similar.
    Right from the title, it's said this was created so we're even.
    He also didn't have to mention the other thread.
    I also said that this probably won't go the same why as the first one.
  5. It was meant to have a place to discuss things that don't support the Religious point of view.

    Sorry if this offended you but don't feel that way. It's not it's intention.
  6. I told the Thread creator if he could change the title so it'd stop being misinterpreted by people. This is not meant to get "even" it's just to have a place to discuss things that don't support the Religious point of view. Seeing there's a Religious thread than sure why not this one? We could discuss things here :p
  7. There is one person, hurfer i believe, doing that. He doesnt know anything about the general agreement we came to, he is not in contact with the people in this thread. I suggest contacting a mod about it, and NOT act poorly to other people because one disconnected person is doing it to you:/
  8. Let's stop arguing before the thread gets closed. If they can have their christian threads, we can have our athiest threads :)
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  9. ya it should be widely known that I am in fact a big old meany
  10. I changed the title, because it does seem to lean to more of a... jab. Please keep things civilized and there should be no problems.
  11. Science will destroy you.
  12. oh darn , me and science were good buddys to
  13. Well what type of science are we going to discuss here? As far as I see and read, people have only argued about whether the thread should be closed or not.
  14. hmmmmm we can discuss the multiverse theory
  15. I am not a fan of it.
    I do not think this thread will last long.
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  16. What to discuss?..
    Evolution :p
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  17. I have gone through and cleaned up this thread AGAIN. If you are not going to talk about science, do not post at all or it will be deleted and in-game punishment may follow. You have been warned.
  18. Multi verse? Like dimensional quantum physics?
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  19. Here's a picture of a priest blessing grenade launchers. Discuss.
  20. So, does anyone here think that instantaneous travel will be possible?