iOS 8 "Wave"

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  1. This just made my day.

    iOS 8 Wave hoax

    But really, how dumb do you have to be to stick your phone in the microwave?
  2. It is kinda your own fault if you believe everything the internet tells you, its cruel but it educates dumb people haha.
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  3. I'd'do really want to see what happens after 300 seconds xD
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  4. I wonder how many people are going to believe this.
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  5. Well crap, I now have an iPhone 6 inside my now broken Microwave.
  6. It's a cruel joke, but to be fair, I'm not exactly sure why anyone would believe that this would work. :confused:
  7. More money than sense, my friend.
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  8. I don't have any apologizes to the people that tried Wave. Like seriously, what are you thinking?
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  9. I think you're doing it wrong... :confused:
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  10. I was really confused there, but then I realised it was a joke :p
  11. But let's not forget, iOS 7 added waterproofing

    It's a fine day to own an iPhone
  12. Let's also not forget the Air Drop iOS 7.
  13. Funny cause I go swimming with my iPhone, and commonly drop it :p Love my iPhone's case.
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  14. I see what you did there :rolleyes: What case do you have?
  15. If Apple added that to the iPhone, I'd so get one.
  16. Also, are people unaware that Apple has teamed up with Transformers and added Airplane Mode? It is true, just switch Airplane mode on and throw it as far as you can and watch it transform.
  17. Is that only on iOS 8? Because I refuse to go update from my lovely iOS 6.1.3.
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  18. All versions, people sort of just ignored it.
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  19. My old ipod has 4.1 haha, I'm pretty sure it could withstand more than the modern iphones anyways, even without those 'new features' ;)
  20. my phone went from 56% to 100%; it works
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