Invisible wall

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  1. I've noticed some parts of the map are not available to see on internet.
    Do you have to create your own map to navigate?
  2. The black areas of the map are unexplored. It takes about 15-20 min for the map to update once you explore a new area (from my experience).
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  3. If you want a big 1.9 area with all the new blocks, find those black areas and explore. That way you know it is fresh and you make it easier to claim. Just read that forum and how-to.
  4. I understand the concept of Wastelands now, but how do you people send the items from Wastelands to the Frontier for instance?
    I don't see a reason excavating in the Wastelands and then losing a few things after 2 or 3 months.
  5. You take the items you've mined back to the outpost you ventured into the wastelands from and either build with the materials in /town at your plot /home or you go to the frontier /wild to build a permanent outpost.
  6. Not enough resources for as many people play on EMC. That's why the wastes reset, for fresh new resources (diamonds, etc.). You can take them with you to town or to the frontier. You can even vault them and take them to another smp. The waste is also a good place for things like spawning a wither to fight. Just make sure you are plenty far enough from a spawn point, because if he wanders over a spawn area you can't damage him. He can't damage you either though ;).