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  1. Hello Volks!

    The last time I played server one, the map was big, but this time the map comes with some invisible walls. Is every server like this? Or there is a bigger one?

  2. There are barrier blocks which are invisible that can only be placed my Senior Staff and Admins, however they are only placed on some res's where did you see these invisible walls?
  3. I saw it in the wild. At least it looks like the wild. The map is really small in comparison with the last one.
  4. There shouldn't be invisible blocks in the wild, can you show us screen shots?
  5. It isn't an invisible block, but a great shining wall.
    When I take a screenshot, where does Minecraft save it?
  6. if you have windows do: Windows Key + S, then type %appdata% once that is done go to the .minecraft folder then 'screenshots'
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  7. What you're describing sounds like you have hit the World Border, simply the edge of the wastelands world. It was put in simply as a physical notification of where the world ends.
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  8. I got it!
  9. I see it. But the last time I had some other coordinates, beyond where the map limit is.
    I was at -18000, but now I can only got til -9000.
  10. Where these coordinates perhaps in the frontier?
    The world border is in the wastelands, they are 2 different worlds.
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  11. Ohhh!! I got it now!!
    I had no clue!

    Thanks a lot!!!
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  12. I am surprised it took so many posts before somebody figured it out :p
    But I'm glad you get it now! :)
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  13. I was confused with the term 'invisible' i thought of barrier blocks not the world border, as the world border is visible
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  14. That's true. I should have written something like a 'shining grid'.
  15. It is at -8K, being the waste is 16k x 16k.
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  16. And just to add as you now know about the /waste and /frontier. Do /map and you will see the parts that make up each SMP, town, frontier, nether, waste, waste nether. There is also a frontier End and a waste End for each SMP (but no maps for the Ends at this time). See the Wiki under Worlds for more info.

    The waste, waste nether and waste End are for gathering resources and are reset every 3-4 months but this can be altered if a new minecraft version is not far from being implemented on EMC. That could be a week or 2 months after the schedule depending on the update. Anything left in the waste when the reset occurs will be lost forever.

    The frontier is where you can travel out a long distance to find a large tract of land to call your own and build as you please. See this thread for information on how to make a land claim. Please read the How to at the top.
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  17. Also: when in doubt use: /loc. It will tell you exactly where you are.
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  18. Just wanted to say that you would have had to be much further out then -18k in the frontier, and the waste has never been that big to my knowledge. I am currently over 100k out in frontier, and have been for many months.
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  19. Thanks!
    That will be useful. And it's kind of funny that people can 'claim' certain terrain. Sounds interesting.
    About the Wastelands: if I mine there, can I take the resources with me to the Frontier?
    I'll read it all later!
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  20. Sure thing. You can even take your spoils to other servers too if you'd like (smp1, smp2, etc.).

    Although you go to a different 'world' when teleporting to either Waste or Frontier your inventory is the same. So no issues there. If you hop across servers though (smp1, smp2, etc.) then this doesn't happen, for that you'd need to use /vault. A virtual storage which can also be used to transport your items across servers.
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