invisibility potions

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  1. today i brew some invisiblity potion to avoid be atacked by the guardians while im drianing the temple. but when i try to use wont work, it says is disabled on the server... why ?
  2. Possibly for trolling purposes.
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  5. No way to make people only invisible to mobs?
  6. That would be a question to ask the devs.
    From what I know, is it possible? Probably, yeah.
    Is it worth adding it? Likely not. We have difficulty 1, which added to a regular diamond armor and basic Minecraft knowledge is more than enough to make you nearly invincible.
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  7. Ya it's probably doable but not worth it. Honestly I've tried to use it once since joined here. lol
  8. Since there are so many changes in game play I'd like to see this issue revisited to see if it is possible to bring it back into the world. I use invisibility potions in sp often to avoid mobs or work on construction of things in survival (wild, waste in our case) to be able to work in peace sometimes. maybe there can be a work around to where we are invisible to just mobs and not players if people are worried about trolling or griefing.
  9. Seeing that 1.8 is still the main focus, I would like the potions deal to be revisited. I do believe that you can make players somewhat transparent and still have a name show.