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  1. Hello to everyone - i will keep this quick and short (hopefully).

    I just registered with the empire yesterday - so i am brand-new so to say. I actually checked out Minecraft years back when it was still in beta and then never touched it again until maybe a month ago - so beware the noob :)

    Its also my first time ever to be on a multiplayer minecraft server and i have all intentions to stay on here for a while.

    Fairly old (1968) and usually hooked up into strategy games like EU4 and all other Paradox titles as well as Skyrim - both as a player and as a modder.

    Already made a few fantastic acquaintances on the server and love the entire setup a lot.
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  2. Awesome to see you on the forums, Dwiss! Hope you enjoy your time on EMC, if you need anything let me know ;)
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  3. Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Gosh - 2 replies in less than a minute after i posted already - thank you so much for the welcome!
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  5. Welcome to the empire! :) I hope you have fun here If you ever need any help then give me a shout.
  6. Introducing.... You! ;) Welcome to the Empire. Just shoot me a private message if ya ever need any help. :)
  7. I was so excited about who you might be introducing. When I saw your name, I was disappointed. :p

    Have fun on the Empire!
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  8. Don't try to fight it. I do that all the time but eventually gave up on it ;)

    Well, then I think you got the perfect recipe for a good dose of fun. One of the nice things about the Empire, in my opinion anyway, is that it's really close to playing regular Minecraft; the main differences are the enhancements here and there (like the Town world where you can teleport for example).

    But once you set foot into the Wastelands (mining survival world) or Frontier (survival building world) then the gloves go off ;)

    Nah, you're as old as you feel (says he coming from 1970) :)

    Ha, ha, and I see you got your first follower as well :)

    Hope to see you in-game someday and that you'll enjoy your stay here!
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  9. Welcome!
    The server is surely a lot of fun, but the forums can be a great place too! I think it'd be great if you tried getting active at the forums a bit as well. Many people only play in-game and miss out on that, while it's great here too! :)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire Dwiss. Hope you enjoy your stay, :) and going by my age, you are still young. ;)
  11. Fantastic acquaintances eh? Cheesy Ninja we are fantastic! :) haha, seriously though - Great to meet you, hope you love the server as much as we do :)
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  12. Welcome to the Empire, I'm sure you'll love it here :D
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