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  1. Disclaimer: This is a beta version, it's subject to running out of coal (and/or) backing up.

    Tired of waiting around to smelt your Cobble, Glass, Iron, or Gold?

    ...Wait no more, head over to 18185 (SMP9) and instantly smelt your goods for only 1r per transaction!

    Fully automated, the raw goods are smelted up and queued for the next customer.

    (not sure why this image cropped this way - ...weird) :/

    Just pop your goods in the SELL chest, then (usually) instantly remove your goods on the BUY chest. The markup is 1r - no waiting...

    • Currently we offer Iron, Gold, Stone, and Glass, this could be expanded in the future.
    • Abuse will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Coal can be donated but is NOT required. I have a decent supply of coal to keep it running for now and I'm working on a centralized donation location that will accept multiple fuel types.
    • This has been tested and should work with no issues, but if something backs-up, or the system runs out of fuel I'm sorry. :(
    • I log in regularly and will give best-effort to maintain it like I maintain my shop. (See what I did there? It's a shameless plug for my shop, which you can visit at 18245)
    • Have fun!
  2. yo i have a ton of coal i will donate
  3. Gracias!
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  4. Use blaze rods, there are more cost efficient. At least they were I dont know about now.
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  5. Runningrhino Has donated a DC of coal blocks, the smelter is in good shape for awhile, thanks Runningrhino
  6. This is nice!
    I don't have coal but I can donate charcoal if you want.
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  7. Thanks! I'm working on a system so several fuel types can be added, I'll get it done by tomorrow. For now I'll put up a chest.
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  8. What if there is no smelted ore for the person and they lose a rupee
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  9. Good question: It's pre-queued, but it's always a possibility if somebody decides to misuse the service. That will be handled accordingly.
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  10. Coolios, sounds like a great idea i might use it
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  11. Coal is for Blocks, not smelting :eek: (sell it all to me, lol)

    You can smelt with charcoal, blaze rods, oak planks, or my favorite, Lava.

    One 8 min fire potion, several empty buckets /v wnether n (assuming the North Nether Wastelands TP is the one to a Pool of Lava),
    swim to collect your lava, TP to town to unload Lava, repeat :)
    /wnether Lava can change your MC world!

    I /mailed you 2 Waste Nether Lava starter kits and some Charcoal and Blaze Rods :)
    Free, no obligation gifts
  12. dang your kindness i was going to mail him one.... or sell him 10 dcs of lava lol
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  13. Indeed. too kind thanks!
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  14. I know this thread is a bit old, but it deserves the bump. Great service that others should know about. Don't know how I'd live without it now <3
  15. *Bump

    Nobody was using the Gold Ore to Gold conversion so I have Removed gold, and added Clay Balls to Clay Bricks

    So currently 18185 is allowing instant smelting conversion on the following materials for 1r per conversion.

    Iron Ore to Iron Ingot
    Sand to Glass
    Cobblestone to Smooth Stone
    Clay Balls to Clay Bricks
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  16. Wow....
    I was just there yesterday lol
    I didn't have anything to smelt but I just was running around lol
    I might try this after fnm tonight :D
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  17. Is there a maximum on the amount of items you can/are allowed to "trade"? Either way, awesome thing that I'll definitely check out some time. :)
  18. Yes. The "Max Smelt" is listed on the front of each kiosk. Each kiosk requires a short cool-down period in order to be ready for use again.
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