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  1. Hey, Empire.

    I've thought of a few good suggestions over the past week for the site, so here's one I thought of.


    We all know our favorite sites with IMing, such as Facebook, MySpace, and AIM. What if our most favorite site, Empire Minecraft, had instant messaging? Now, I mean in no way necessary to have a group chat. That's what the IRC chat is for. Here's a little example of what Facebook's chat would look like if it was integrated into EMC:

    It could feature "[playername] is typing..." messages, as well as if they read them or not. Maybe this could replace the PMing system altogether! Sorry this is a bit short, but I'm tired. Let me know about your thoughts for this in your posts below!

    >I know that there was already a thread about this created here, but there wasn't an official answer on it, and it just collected dust with all of the spam in it, so I revived the idea. :)

    EDIT: Could a mod apply the [SUGGESTION] tag at the beginning of the title, please? Thanks :D
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  2. well, we do have the mumble servers which has text speech.
  3. True, but this doesn't need an external program, and not all computers have Mumble installed (for example, library computers or family computers where players have no admin rights).
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  4. You already said it buuuut... There is also IRC, that does not require an install as it is a web client :D

    It does support private messaging and one day AIKAR COULD integrate it with the EMC site as the option is right there in the menu, I reckon XenForo will be the biggest issue with adding any instant messaging system though :confused:
  5. But I see the IRC chat as very vacant, and most people are on the site more. :)
  6. Can you please quote the second bit of my post now please :p I edited cause I wanna be the very best C:
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  7. I know that Aikar is planning to integrate the IRC into the site. It's somewhere in the bug tracker.
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  8. Like no one ever was? :p

    :confused: Why doesn't Empire use Enjin instead? Much easier.
  9. I don't think parents will like this. Its practically Facebook lol
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  10. D: Take that back!

    XenForo is the ultimate piece of forum software there is. You will never find anything better, and easier to use.
  11. He probably has his reasons, I'm personally not a fan of it. Also (I could be wrong) but I think the current IRC is possibly free? Enjin sites aren't free per say...
    Not exactly, it's probably closer to any forum on the internet associated around a game ;)
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  12. Because we wouldn't have the control EMC needs.
  13. I like this idea. It would be cool to have like people can say "check out my auction" and stuff like that.
    Also thanks for using me as an example :p
  14. True. Then what about purchasing an HTTP server for us to use? :D


    That's what friends are for :p You were the first person to come to mind :D
  15. Because it is junk.
  16. Today I learned that each forum software suite has its own dedicated army of fanboys. :cool:
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  17. And the XenForo Fanboys are the best and smartest.
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  18. No sarcasm. I really like this idea.

    Enjin is annoyingggggg
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  19. We already so many means of communication: the forums, private messages, IRC profile pages, not to mention in-game. Another instant messaging one just isn't necessary, we aren't Facebook. :)
  20. Enjin has implementation of colour coating and setting member types and id's within the site itself...
    Enjin also has chat features and friend request features for users of the site.

    Minecraft can also have all it's features displayed within the enjin sites too ... however signing up to an enjin site - integrates your account on the site with all the other sites you sign up with - so it's kind of spammy.
    Also, the colour of chat (colour coating) names - can have flashing or sparkle effects, which isn't needed.

    Although xenforo, by default doesn't have a chat feature enabled, I wouldn't want just any generic facebook messaging system where someone might could spam me messages and I not be able to browse the website in peace.

    If anything further upgraded from this xenforo site - I would honestly think it would be a custom html site - that emc would then host itself. #nolimits
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