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  1. BOO! Did I get you? no? darn it. :|

    Anyways, Hi. I'm FluffehBear, I'm new to Minecraft. That's right, people, I am new to the game itself so don't be too harsh when I ask *cough*stupid*cough noobish questions. I'm probably using it to start a conversation to anyone out there that I have not met yet, cause I can look at the internet and find the wiki of Minecraft and I'm done, no need to ask, but then again.. I want to start a conversation. So I'd rather look dense and ask you people for instruction or help on how to build, make, or even do things than just hopping on the internet and be quiet about it. No fun at all, it'll feel like I'm in the Singleplayer Mode, which I never liked-- oh my, I ranted again, sorry.

    Anyways, I'm probably a week old as a Minecraft Player and around 5 days in this server. I was originally set on smp3 when I finished the tutorials. I said hi but no one responded so I checked on the commands and there's more than one server inside a server, so I tried every possible smp and I ended up in smp7 which I had the warmest welcome greetings from smp7 community. I won't say their names cause I don't remember most of them and if I were to leave one name out, I'd feel bad. So yeah, I /unclaimed in a heart beat out of smp3 and went to /claim a res in smp7. I never regretted anything.

    Hmm, what else am I suppose to introduce? I'm not good with these things. Oh, I like playing Basketball. I'm asian with a height of 5'8 (I'm a Center. That's right, that height is considered as a center especially if you're asian) I migrated to the UK at the age of 15. I'll be 21 this upcoming September 20. (I ish excited, it'll be my beerday! woooo! shot shot shot shot shot! EVERYBODY!) I spend most of my time either talking to my friends, going out clubbing and my newest addiction.. Minecraft.

    Oh, I'm also using the Ender Farm at smp5. I hope it's okay, community of smp5. I have no particular goal on what to do in Minecraft but to have fun, so I might progress slow, but I'm surely learning while having fun.

    That's it, tl;dr? That's okay, get on with your life but one thing is for sure, my profile picture will seduce you like a puppy. I'll be your Fluffeh-sama. kekekeke.

  2. Welcome to the Empire. May your future endeavors carry you far here.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! You can feel free to ask me anything you need to know about Minecraft, because I've had the game for 3 years and know almost everything about it.
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  4. Welcome :)
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  5. welcome :p
    hehe you already know me :p
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  6. Welcome to EMC. Sorry to hear that you had problems with your residence. This is a new problem that I have talked to one other player about in the last day or so. Staff will be looking into the reasons and making whatever correction is necessary.

    It's pretty easy to make friends here, so just hang out and have a good time.
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  7. You must have really gotten to Dj__Krazy, all he posts is "K"

    Anywho, welcome to the land of Smp7! I'm pretty much online 24/7 because I have no social life so please feel free to ask the dumbest of questions (just kidding). I hope you enjoy the Empire as much as I do!
  8. I'm not allowed to k any more ;-;
  9. You're so cuuute~
    Welcome, anyways :p
    If you need anything, we don't bite!
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  10. Welcome :) If you need help don't hesitate to ask! :D
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  11. you need to look out for deathconn
    he's a koala
    he can be dangerous
  12. Welcome to the Empire! A little sad to hear you're not on Smp1 with me, as it feels like we'd get along famously :) But either way, I hope you enjoy yourself! :D
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  13. Welcome to the Empire, Hope you enjoy it here like everyone else does :D
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  14. I wanted to reply to everyone's posts but I might fail at the "spoiler" command again but to everyone, thanks!
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  15. Spoilers suck.
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  16. Why would you need a spoiler, then? Clicking reply on people's posts works well too :)

    Also, yay for you being on smp7! And the UK, that means I'm only one hour ahead of you, so if I can find some time to be online more often there's a big chance I can catch you while you're online! :D
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  17. Welcome :D

    Hope you have a good time here! :)
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  18. 1) Like omg our birthdays are so close... :O

    2) Yeah no worries about the smps... I think 3 and 4 sometimes can be the 'quiet, yet peaceful servers' ... 7 and 2 have more talking :p

    3) I haz families that live in le uk :3

    4) You're not the only one that uses the smp5 ender grinder... i can prob say about 100 people use it on and off ehehe
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