In this thread, we blow minds.

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  1. Mammoths roamed Siberia during the construction of the Pyramids of Giza.
    White chocolate milk is a thing.
    At the North Pole, it is whatever time one says it is.
    You can cut a pea into pieces and put it back together into a sphere the size of the sun.
    We defecate and urinate in clean water.
    The brain named itself, as well as everything that exists and does not exist, and it invented the concept of names.
    Neuroscience is the study of the brain studying itself.
    A blueish-yellow or reddish-green colour does not exist.
    90% of all data ever created has been created since 2008.
    There is not enough space in the known universe to write a googolplex in number form.
    A man went to the moon before wheels on aeroplane luggage became normal.

    Continue this, great Empire Minecraft community.
  2. I like potatoes.
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  3. 70% of all statistics are made up.
  4. Well, me too, the potato crop tends to be an excellent blessing for the human species to have, but it isn't really mind blowing material.
  5. Interesting fact! Despite popular opinion, a psychopath being psychotic is much rarer than a shark attack.
    Inhaling gunpowder is good for your heart.
    Shinobi used rocket propelled arrows on some missions.
    The shell of an American Super Nintendo yellows with time much like paper does.
  6. My mind has just been blown by the OP
  7. Adding to the googleplex fact, if the universe was a googleplex atoms long, you would actually see repetition. You would probably find yourself.
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  8. There's a scientific theory which dictates that there are a finite number of different arrangements of matter, and there is a statistical probability that an exact replica of you exists within a certain distance of you. Since we don't know the scale of the universe and it could be infinite, there could be many exact replicas of you, as well as most speculated alternate universes.
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  9. One thing I don't get.... Doesn't the universe go on forever?
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  10. Nobody knows, really.
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  11. Say that again :confused:
    You gotta be kidding me :confused:
  12. It depends on your definition. The big bang theory dictates that the Universe is continually expanding. The Universe as the plane of existence could indeed come to extend infinitely throughout nonexistence, and if we never broke the speed of light, it would most certainly go on forever in practice.
  13. Yes, which is why that video doesn't make sense to me.
  14. Please explain how it wouldn't be infinite if we broke the speed of light?

    is it because The universe "expands" at the speed of light so if we were to go at that speed we would catch up? and What is at the "end" of the universe. Nothing?
  15. Unlikely. It could be infinitely expanding until it ends up stopping time all together. I need to find my Illustrated Atlas of the Universe.
  16. In minecraft, it is possible to make an infinite water source, even though you cannot create or destroy matter. Where does all the water come from?
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  17. In minecraft you can also handle lava in iron buckets. Real world scientific laws don't apply here.
  18. Wow. I was wrong actually. While that is one theory, the favored one is the accelerating universe, in which the universe expands spreading galaxies apart, but time accelerates at an equal rate.