In need of info to construct a theory.

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  1. I'm currently working on a formula to determine something, and I need to following info:
    How many active members are there?
    Out of these, what percentage are Iron supporters what percentage are Gold, what percentage are diamond, and what percentage are not supporters?

    many thanks.
  2. *Le me.

    I'm a gold supporter. I know i'm active because without this gold name I am a well-known member, and I have over 2,000 likes and 3,000 something posts, and am on the highest posting members page.
  3. What are you trying to theorize?
    I want to be aware of your next scheme.
  4. The problem with the results that you might receive is that the margin of error would be too large to get anything near accurate results. As an example, many members are on and off for supporter ships. Go diamond for a month, next 2 months go iron, next month go normal, so on and so forth. Maybe it would make whatever formula you are trying to create more accurate if you individually asked many different random members their history of all supporter ships they have ever had and survey around 1000 members. Then your results would be somewhat more accurate. Just throwing around some ideas here. :)
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  5. There is most likely some special list stating all the supporters. You could just look at the paypal statements to see though. You could probably get the exact number if you go up high enough in EMC "employee" status.
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  6. There's a list in the Xenoforo Admin CP at the very least, so the information would be possible to get - although probably only by admins. Square probably has it too somewhere... I'm still not really sure why anything would need a number of supporters though...
  7. I doubt ICC will place Mr. Let's Grief The Wild as an authority in the community.
  8. What scheme are you thinking up this time? You get a 10% cut of all supporter subscriptions to enter the wild?
  9. Admin may have this info, but to my knowledge there isn't any official list containing those statistics. As already mentioned, the supporters do fluctuate a great deal, so there would never be a truly accurate figure, just a 'snapshot' of a particular time, if it exists at all. :)
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  10. What I'm trying to do is figure out the average daily bonus received by the active users, in order to calculate the value of time.

    If all members weren't supporter, they'd each get a maximum of 200r a day (100r every 12 hours). So, instead of working for 12 hours to get something, a consumer could spend 100r on a product which takes 12 hours to find and/or gather/manufacture/transport to the consumer/shop chest (or indeed 2 items which take 6 hours to acquire, and so on).

    It's not that simple, however. To find the value of s (1 second) in terms of r (1 rupee), we need to find the mean valuation of the rupee by calculating the average daily bonus. It's not as easy as 1s=0.002r (the value of time in a no-supporter hypothetical), the economy is inflated way behind that due to supporter bonuses. And I need to figure those out.
  11. Isn't it 100r every 24 hours? Supporter bonuses are in one lump at midnight every night, so that would make sense...
  12. all you can really do is get Active member on EMC then Active members(x) * (normal members daily)= Total Rupees then Active members(x) * (Diamond supports daily)=Total Rupees after doing that say everyday EMC is introduce Between this "Margin amount" of Rupees . It would be a lot simpler and less time consuming.
  13. Alright, I think it's time we stopped bashing Volt for the past. He's a good guy with some good ideas. We're also supposed to be a helpful and friendly community - whatever happened to that?
  14. Okay, recalculated that is....
    1s=0.001 in the hypothetical.
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  15. Yeah guys seriously, people can and will change. The past is the past, and it's about time we let it go.
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  16. <3
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  17. Totally agreed. How would you feel to be NEVER forgiven for your past.
    All that is happening here is bullying, it really isn't fair on Volt. If I were him, I most probably would be VERY angry. Usually being angry leads to a ban.
    Please stop, he has so many good ideas and I'd say by now he's won back his respect.
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  18. I think you will have trouble coming up with useful results as long as you try to average all of the players. Really, time has a different value for each group of player (non-supporter, iron, gold, and diamond), not to mention the differences created by personal preferences (i.e. how willing to work they are). Besides that, you'd also need the statistics for voting, since it's a significant source of rupees for non-supporters. Also, you might want to consider the inflationary effect of rupees received automatically, even though it might be offset by the amount of natural resources being brought into the economy. Good luck with your research!
  19. Okay, I know how we'll calculate this. I'll do a monthly report where I conduct a census of all members who have been playing at least 3 times a week for at least a month, recording supporter status for each member. I will also record how often non-supporters play a week, ranging from 3 times a week to once per day.

    From that, I shall compile the data to find the Mean Weekly Active Member Bonus (MWAMB), which will show me what the average bonus is per user per week. In theory, the MAMB (notated m in formula) is the value of a week of play. From w=m, we can observe that s=m/604,800, and we can find a concise, formulaic value of any good by finding the time it takes to acquire it.

    Additionally, we can create OMWAMB, the Overall MWAMB, by finding the averages of all MWAMBs returned by each monthly census.

    I shall name the value of time as found from the MWAMB every month the Voltian Time Value Index (the 't' in Voltian is silent) and I shall publish results of the census and pricing experiments.
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  20. And what about when your offline?
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