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  1. I know there is a inbox system on the EMC site but I think it might be a good idea to have a in game inbox for messages to people who are offline. That way if you have a urgent message to tell them, you can leave them a message and go offline without having to wait for them. It may be impossible but I still think it may help.
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  2. to lazy to read anyones post right now so happy new year!
  3. It has been discussed here and probably many other times, but this is one of the first threads where I participated :p Take a look, no staff answer tho, only users' opinions.
  4. Would not really be a bad thing to add in my honest opinion
  5. To be honest I am happy that someone from the community not the staff was the first one to comment.
  6. I've seen plugins that implement this very feature, and I agree with @Jwlpo, not a bad idea
  7. I requested this about 4-5 months ago, and it's on Aikar's list of two-thousand and fifteen things to do.
  8. There are much more important updates that are on his list as well. He has been busy with the Dragon Tombs. The poor guy couldn't even type last night... but was still trying to work on the Dragon update.
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  9. Dragon tombs patch notes

    Fixed a misstyped code written on the 10th of january which caused 10,001 instead of 11 portals to appear
    Fixed a bug that caused it not to unbalance the economy
    Removed entity limiter in the dragon tombs as it was stopping the dragon from spawning.
  10. Isn't there something like a "future updates" post somewhere to check things like this? Because when I think of something to suggest I always look it up first but sometimes, as I said earlier, suggestion threads don't have an "official" answer ordon't come to any conclusion even ifthe suggestion sounds good. Apart from the Dragon Tombs and some other big things like that, I don't think Ihave seen anything like that. Maybe that would cause more trouble than new posts with old requests every now and then... :p But itwould be good to make people interested in what's about to come, not only big things but also little changes that make our EMC lives more comfy and enjoyable.

    PD: urgh, forgive the tpos please, I hate this virtual keyboard.
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  11. Well, there is the Suggestions thread. An official thread would be nice... I volunteer Chickeneer to maintain it.
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  12. No kidding - for the last 2 hours I have been writing up a temp. one. >.>
    I hate you now.
  13. I just volunteered chickeneer. peeppeeppeep.
    No reason to be mad
  14. We should get more devs so we can have more stuff sooner :D
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  15. I should be slapped for missing so badly such a helpful thread and the Dev roadmap by Aikar. My bad, how embarrassing >_< sorry.
  16. Has already been suggested and the answer I've been given is that it's a trust issue that they can't bring someone on without trusting them. I agree with you that a one man band, and I give Aikar all the credit in the world, will not work in the long run.
  17. We need JustinGuy back in full time action!
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