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  1. This is the first time I have done a request so please tell me if I did anything wrong.
    I know of a few plugins that let you send private messages to other players using chat commands like this:
    /mail chillpill303 Your residence got zapped as of today
    So I would like this plugin to contact anyone I know in the wonderful world of the Empire to talk while offline.
  2. In case of them being online just do /tell sqiggleyjeff (message).
    When they are offline you can just message them here on the site my starting a private conversation with them.
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  3. That would be cool but can you please tell me how you message them via the EMC site?
  4. Click on their username and hit start a conversation. If you need help after that just ask
  5. While I understand why you guys suggest the site message as a way of offline communication, I'd say that the ingame mail thing is still a good idea, because there are many users who never come to the forums, so PMing them here would be useless, especially if it's something urgent or something you don't want to forget to tell them but you probably will if you go offline before they appear.

    Of course I don't know what would be the cost of adding such a plugin and surely there are many other bigger things to fix or improve first, I just don't think that the possibility of starting site conversations, or any other means of external communication like Skype or plain ol' e-mails should exclude or are able to make up for an ingame mail system, because it's different stuff.
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  6. But, we dont usually take plugins, if we really wanted something like this, Eyekar would possibly program it for us.
  7. *Eye-Car
    I agree with all the words written here.
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