in game auction of 1 stack of gold blocks

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  1. where? smp1 1145 sky market
    what ? 1 stack of gold blocks
    bid? START 4k
  2. Auctions have to have a DC of a certain item, e.g. DC of Gold Ingots or DC of Gold blocks, so on. Please read rules on community auctions page to know how to do an auction valid :)
  3. you could do a DC of gold nuggets =)
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  4. What he ment was, 'auction at **** smp1' it was an auction on his res, not on the forums.
    (I'm replying because I'm his irl friend, and know him well, he actually do know how to make forum auctions :) )
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  5. Auctions have the same rules regardless on whether or not its held at a residence.
  6. That is not actually true, forum auction rules don't pertain to IG auctions.
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  7. Exactly what Unknownian pretty much said, also he could try selling the Gold Blocks *cough 18646 cough*
  8. It's not recommended to make Auctions IG...
  9. moved to marketplace discussion
  10. Agreed, IG auctions typically don't seem to work out well. However, I was just saying its allowed :p
  11. It's
    in game.
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  12. In game auctions are not allowed on community auctions as they are for forums not res, so bitemenow has moved it to the right area
  13. He didn't even give a time, could be finished for all we know
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  14. Let's just keep this for what it is, he's sleeping right now and if he wants to continue this he will probably bump it.
  15. I m have a stack and not a DC it is on t form and not on my res
    Im Find it and I dond need if
  16. if what i think you are saying is correct. then it was an invalid auction. forum auctions must be a dc or specific rules for items listed in the auction rules
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  18. sorry i`m late I just do not need that stack I toucht i`d never wild let me sell but on that provides the most on action
    I have a store that best gif me a lot of why that is: I do it differently!

    sorry for spelling google translate
  19. oop forget it if no on my res on form it, not clear?
  20. he he bump