IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Minecraft full release

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  1. REMINDER: When we are ready to upgrade, ALL WORLDS (but Town) will be RESET! Get anything out of them now!

    Hello Empire,

    The next Minecraft release will be this weekend during Minecon (most sources are saying the 19th). This release will bring the game out of beta and add a lot of exciting features.

    When they release the game will ask if you want update. DO NOT UPDATE until we have upgraded our servers. If you do upgrade early you will not be able to play on Empire Minecraft servers until we have completed the updates. I have no estimate on exactly how long it will take us to update. We have to wait for Bukkit to update the server and then we have to adapt our plugins to the new Bukkit. I can say that I am hoping for less than 5 days, as Bukkit already has some early versions out I have been testing against.

    Additionally when we upgrade we will be resetting the normal worlds on both smp1 and smp2. We have to do this because of changes in the game. We will be getting rid of the Wilderness and Utopia on smp1 and each server will only have one normal world (along with a Nether). Utopia is going to turn into its own server and more information will be released on the supporters forums. Of course Town will not be reset on either server.

    If you do accidentally upgrade Minecraft or you want to have both versions, check out this great thread by AusQB:
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  2. Amazing! :) I am glad to hear Utopia is going to get its own server. :D

    I am glad I could be a part of the Minecraft phenomenon and that the Empire has helped in further immersing myself into the rich community. I am excited to see where everything goes from here.

    The official wiki claims it is due to release on the 18th.
    Hopefully my post HERE* was influential in some way. I never received much feedback on it, however I did receive multiple likes on the post. :)

    *Supporter only thread.
  3. Awesome! Now we can bring the full experience to the Empire!

    I'll be sure not to update until the server is finished.
  4. Since I pretty much only play Minecraft in the Empire now, I will definitely not update until told...

    Are there any plans to reset the worlds at regular intervals after this? I hate how horrible it looks after a couple weeks of people mining and building long paths in the sky... looks less like a wilderness and more like a junkyard. Also, it would mean finding resources more easily - no walking for minutes in one direction to find a semi-untouched area.

    Loving the Empire.
  5. This is something we have been talking about lately. I will start a new conversation on this.
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  6. I just want to say to anyone who wants to update, get spout. Spout is a minecraft launcher that improves your online experince. The Empire does not use Spout, but spout uses its own seperate folder to keep the MC files. Because of that you can update your regular Minecraft, and connect to the Empire with Spout (or vise, versa.) On a different note, I cant wait for the new Empire!
  7. spoutctaft is the official client for bukkit servers (our server is a buttcake server)
    i'm not sure what you mean by the empire doesn't use spoutcraft?
  8. Spout is a plugin for servers, look it up, there are alot of functions to Spout the Empire dosn't use.
  9. Hahaha buttcake, hahaha
  10. Dude there is a client that has a separate launcher for minecraft and basically makes vast improvements to the game. Dont believe me? check that out! The servers are not running spout craft but are spout enabled meaning it allows for clients to use the "spoutcraft". I recommend to all that you use it as it makes some very good performance fixes.

  11. We don't run the Spoutcraft server side mod. Although I am all for everyone that wants to use the Spoutcraft client, I don't believe what they are doing on the server side of things is what is best for the community.
  12. joke from when i first joined the server

    i didn't realise there was something different called spout i just figured he was talking about spoutcraft (i use spoutcraft)

    i was only talking about the client nvm what i said 2 people already explained it lol
  13. So do mods work with this client side? I would like to be able to continue using my minimap to find my way out of the wilderness and wasteland...
  14. Yeah Spoutcraft is actually two parts, the client side mod, and the server side Bukkit plugin :)
  15. No mods don't work on Spoutcraft, it is one of what they think is a benefit (a more secure client).
  16. I was just saying to use it so you could play MC 1.0 in the normal launcher and Empire Minecraft in Spoutcraft. I think we have got a little off-topic.
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  17. in confused y cant i update, and if i do can i play on the empire ever again...:confused::eek:
  18. Ok, I understand. :) I like the fact that my texturepack was fully functional with this client. Apparently the water is green and the text is a bit wonky. :) Much more fun than I originally knew... Now I am torn between full texturepack or being able to travel... Probably will swap back and forth haha. :)
  19. Whenever a new version of Minecraft is released, Bukkit (the team who develops the server software) has to upgrade so that Bukkit servers can use this new version of Minecraft.

    Since this takes some time, you won't be able to play on EMC if you update your game version straight away.

    Once Bukkit has updated, you can safely update your game version and you will be able to play on EMC.
  20. when will this "bukkit" update, and thanx for clearing that up;)