[ implemented] Blizz Ard's eye/arm

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Which do you want to see most?

Blizz Ard's eye 8 vote(s) 38.1%
Blizz Ard's arm 6 vote(s) 28.6%
Blizz Ard's nose (again) 7 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hey guys!
    As you probably know, last year the surprisingly tough pile of snow known as Blizz Ard dropped his nose. To keep things interesting and not crush my investments I think it would be cool if he dropped a piece of coal renamed Blizz Ard's eye with corresponding lore, or a stick renamed Blizz Ard's arm with corresponding lore. So what do you guys think? :)
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  2. Maybe he could drop both and then you would have to combine all three items (including the nose from last year) for a special item? :)
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  3. Maybe it would allow you to craft an in-town snow golem? :)
    EDIT: And then he'd have to drop his torso and legs too :p
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  4. Just give us some damn use for the blizz ard nose, when will it be cold enough!!!
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  5. Lol, I'd rather have a use for the blizz ard nose. It's a good idea though
    • Blizzard's Head (Pumpkin)
    • Blizzard's Torso (Snow Block)
    • Blizzard's Bottom (Snow Block)
    • Blizzard's Right Arm (Stick)
    • Blizzard's Left Arm (Stick)
    Craft it together and get...
    Snowfall - A passive snow golem.
  6. So more items I never get time to get around to implementing >_>? I'ma try to get the nose soon... :/

    Not sure we have time for more lol unless they all do same thing as nose and its like some body part ritual.
  7. Go for the arm!
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  8. I like it :)
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  9. Yes :) Thanks
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  10. Yes
    Eye + Arm + Nose = Eggifiable snow golem that you can spawn in town. It will have fire resistance and never despawn.

    BRB, suggesting this mob.

    Can someone find me the mob suggestion form? ;-;
  11. Instead of coal, use pumpkin seeds
  12. I like the idea of combining multiple blizzArd items to form a new promo. Maybe the final crafted result would be a BlizzArd head, which would dispense god apples when right clicked, once every 24 hours.
  13. Maybe not quite that often but I like the haunted head aspect :)
  14. Eh... I actually would prefer to see Blizt drop something non-bodypart >.>... The nose is the most interesting part.
    Coal would look too close to Dragon Stones.
    Sticks would look... Like sticks >.>
    A block of snow might not be too bad if shinified, but i generally don't like block promos. They seem too chunky somehow.

    On the other hand, i wouldn't mind (or rather, would really like) the Snowfall passive, fire-resistant snowman idea.
    However i think that, if you guys still want to hunt Blizt, he could drop a "snowman egg" =P instead of doing a strange reincarnation-of-body-parts ritual *.*

    Edit: the "snowman egg" could be pumpkin seeds
    (To acknowledge the person who suggested that the eye be seeds instead of coal--but his eyes don't look like coal xD)
  15. Here's what I'm thinking:
    • Blizz Ard's Nose
    • Blizz Ard's Arm (x2 more common than nose) (Sticks)
    • Blizz Ard's Body (x2 more common than nose) (Snow)
    Craft them like this to get a Blizz Ard spawn egg:

    Red named snowman egg that can be eggified and has permanent fire resistance.
  16. i like it.
    But aikar's going to die >.>
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  17. +1
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  18. <3