Imagining Minecraft 2.0

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  1. So we all know 1.8 is coming out. villagers will actually do stuff. Slime balls will be useful. There's some new stone blocks. It's a pretty big update.
    But this means we are only two versions away from Minecraft 2.0!

    Here are my speculations:
    • It will probably be a paid update. Providing infinite free updates for a $25 game is not sustainable.
    • It will definitely be the most significant update since 1.0
    • It will be compatible with older maps, plugins, etc. They have a HUGE fanbase, but it has to be compatible with what effort people have already put into it.
    • It may add the use of two arms at once. Right now your other arm just kinda hangs there.
    What are your thoughts? Are you excited? What kind of cool gameplay mechanics do you think they could add to it? Please weigh in.
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  2. I doubt it will be paid. The price of Minecraft might go up, but making you pay for the update? No.
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  3. If we don't have more mobs or more pies by 2.0, I'll be a very unhappy dessert.
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  4. There will be no 2.0
    Instead, Mojang stated there will be 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 and so on and so forth
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  5. I suspect Mojang will go ahead with what skydragon posted above :)
  6. That seems really stupid, because eventually, we would get to 1.2 again would we not?
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  7. 1.20?
  8. ....

    Sure, the previous version was actually 1.2.5 but that sounds really confusing lol
  9. If I had to pay to update MC. Just no lol
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  10. Update 1 and a fourth. Not very catchy...
  11. What if they went a full circuit, and did a big update like from alpha to beta, beta to regular, regular to ???
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  12. Regular to Minecraft v2
  13. Tries to imagine MC 2.... Nope still thinking what Borderlands 3 going to be introduced... sorry
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  14. Mod API. I recon they should release the Mod API with an MC 2.0 release, not add something too much other than that. Because that will change the game a fair bit.
  15. talking about minecraft2.0. half life 3 confirmed 100% no takebacks i took your eggs
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  16. Minecraft 2

    You played as Steve in a world of cubes, but what happens when you play as John in a world full of SPHERES!?!
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    catchy enough?
  18. I am honestly scared what this will do to my PC. I already get 10 FPS in 1.6 ,about 6 or 7 in 1.7, and 8 in 1.8; what is next?

    Apple pies plz.
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  19. Yes. Yesyesyesyes.