Image upload button gone?

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  1. Hey,

    Just noticed this message:
    "Please upload images to and link to it."
    Was wondering why the image upload button got removed? I assume too many images are being stored?

    It doesn't overly bother me as I use my own image hosting or use imgur. Mainly just curious why it was removed :p

  2. The forums becoming laggy due to too many (and often way over sized) attachments.
  3. not that its really laggy, just the server wasn't designed with file hosting in mind... so just stopping it before it becomes a problem.

    imgur is a service designed for image hosting, so no reason for us to do it when theres better services for it.
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  4. Maybe teach people how to use the IMG tags too? :p Also can you make it more centred... It looks too far right at the moment.

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  5. Do I have to learn something new again? :eek: I'm getting to old for that type of thing. :rolleyes:
  6. Contrib team is working on a picture guide to doing it and ill add link when its ready.
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  7. This seems to be the only thread that discusses this...

    I despise the new centering of the "Post Reply/More Options" buttons. At first I thought that the page just hadn't fully loaded correctly. But now that it appears to be purposeful, I must digress.

    It makes no sense to have it centered. Typing/writing is traditionally done from left to right, thus the flow of typing follows that same path. In most all text editors/Word/forum post forms, the most used options appear in the upper left and move due to space limitations. If you were to make a non-standard post, that is where you would start your post. It only makes sense that you would end it with a post button on the lower right.

    Symmetry is beyond important. The current system is heavily leaning to the left, with no balance whatsoever on the right. Having the post button on the right balances the system.

    If you look at almost all word processing programs, they keep options away from the bottom center of the document. This is obviously speculation, but I suspect that is because minimal distractions make for a more efficient writer. For those of us who periodically (or for many, constantly) have to look down at the keyboard in order to keep ourselves oriented correctly, having buttons/text in the center is annoying. It is habit to try to find the end of what we are writing, and these centered buttons are now what steals our attention. Our eyes already have to hop around enough as is, this just makes it worse.
    While it is mentioned there that having buttons in the middle is related to mobile browsing, if that is the only sound reason for having them in the center, a look at Windows 8 is all that is needed to justify not optimizing for mobile users and harming desktop users at the same time. If mobile optimization is going to be done, then it should be done right. If someone wants to post from their iPad, that is fantastic. But, their user experience and my user experience should be mutually exclusive.
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  8. That is an exceedingly long post for what amounts to a nitpick... :confused:
    You know I normally tend to agree with your posts, but - as a writer - it doesn't phase me in the least, where it is. Besides, haven't the post buttons always been centered up like that?
    I will say the "Please upload..." text being off-kilter makes it look a bit weird though.
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  9. Satire?
  10. More new things to learn, I'm getting to old for that type of stuff. :p

    PS: Woohoo, there is an edit button now. :D
  11. It was meant to be exceeding long. While it is definitely a nitpick now, if similar changes continue to be made, then it becomes more than a nitpick. I would rather attempt to kill off the idea of a 2-in-1 website for both desktop and mobile users that accomplishes the goal by modifying the whole system instead of adjusting the system when a mobile system connects.

    Unless I am going crazy, the post buttons have always been right justified.
  12. Now?

    Wasn't there always an edit button?
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  13. The off-centered text (and probably centered buttons) is almost definitely because of Xenforo's weird ass CSS down there... I remember having nightmares with those buttons specifically and it being a bit of a pain to fix.
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  14. I noticed that in the auctions I posted on that there was no edit button. If I had to correct something I had to reply to my own thread.

  15. this is both a reaction and a test

  16. I noticed that myself... File hosting doesn't really make sense for a site like this. o.o;

    Good thing I'm used to uploading images with the "IMG" tag~ I mean, isn't it already the only way you can add images to conversation replies in your inbox? I support this change; I don't really see the problem. xD

    though honestly, I don't use imgur for image hosting, I use photobucket. It works just as fine, though :D
  17. Editing posts in auctions/reverse auctions is disabled to prevent any auction tampering by the auctioneer or bidder. ;)
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  18. Is this a...*drumroll please*
  19. I am satisfied.