I'm starting a worm colony...

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  1. When it becomes all cold and stuff, I will begin to find less and less worms in my back garden, they won't be close to the surface anymore, they'll be too deep for me to dig down (I have restrictions in place to prevent me from tearing up the garden) so I have to start breeding them :D

    Why must I do this, you ask? Because...
    1. Why the hell not?
    2. My Axolotls need nutritious food and worms are nutritious...

    I will be getting a few jars for them to live in, and then i'll mix them up and leave them in a dark room. Since they are hermaphrodites, I don't need to sex them. I just need them to fertilize eachother and then they both lay eggs. I split them up, move the eggs and raise little Earthworms :3

    Then the little Earthworms grow up and get mauled to death by my axolotls in a death in which they sprawl out of the Axolotl's mouth, trying to swim out for dear life. Then, they get sucked back in, and are never seen again... Well, until they come out the other end, of course...
    Of course, they'll probably have their own kids by then, but, y'know, i'm only human and could make a mistake...

    I'll probably be starting it tomorrow, so, pictures will be posted and colonization will be done! :p
  2. This sounds interesting... :p
  3. I'm just wondering how i'm going to find the worms once I bury them in mud, leaves and overripe bananas ._.
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  4. are you going to eat any of them? Or maybe you could make worm-butter sandwiches like in calvin and hobbes :)
  5. That looks like my dog after I ask him if he took a poop on the floor.
  6. I have a problem with worms. I like them and all.... but the last time I picked one up, it pooped on my hand.
  7. My dog puts her ears back, pees, and does a walk of shame to her bed. Then my dad comes downstairs and makes her run around the house because he's chasing her while being really angry.

    As much as I would like to do that, no.
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  9. I have it the same with woodlice.

    I picked a woodlouse (pill bug) up when I was eight, and it unleashed its children and they ran all over my arm. I screamed and ran to my bed, jumped up in the air, landed on my pillow and screamed even more and then started crying. My mum came in to ask me what was wrong and I replied with
    "THEY INVADED MY ARMS MUM! THEY INVADED MY ARMS! THEY WANTED TO EAT MY SKIN" while tears were streaming down my face. She looked at me with an extremely concerned face and told me that it was nap time.
    I only just got over that phobia... *shudder*
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  10. I.... I'm not sure if I think this is super awesome, or horrific. I will reserve judgment until later.
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  11. When we disscested worms in science class, i had a hard time with it, because i gaged every few minutes.
    I hate worms ._.
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  12. Another childhood story:
    I was five. I had five worms. I was playing truth or dare with my friends. They dared me to eat a worm. I ate a worm, except, I didn't swallow it. It felt wrong and I thought it would have babies inside of me and I would turn into a giant worm monster. So I waited a few minutes and gagged alot. Then it wriggled out of my mouth and I threw up all over it. It died because of the acidity levels in my sick (I didn't know that was why at the time).
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  13. Worms die if you touch them. The oils on one's skin block their pores, suffocating them.
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  14. I have no problems with worms, pill bugs/woodlice/roly pollies, or ladybugs. Just when they start to release their insides on my hand...
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  15. Where do you live, SP? Roughly speaking, of course.

    I only ask because around here it is easy to get earthworms. You can even order them by mail order.
  16. Well, This sounds interesting
  17. I live in the UK. To be precise, England. To be even more precise, Merseyside (by the sea and by the river mersey). Wanna get more precise? Runcorn.

    I can buy them from a store if I want, however usually the ones I buy from stores are ill and rubbish for feeding.
    I know, but the oils usually clear up after a few minutes.
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  18. Mmmmmmmm! Yummy.
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  19. I'm squeamish, so please don't do that.
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