I'm Leaving EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eviltoade, Aug 6, 2016.

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  1. To go to Mexico!

    I will be gone from the 7th through the 12th and will miss you all terribly. I typically play a few hours a day and didn't want any of you thinking I got eaten by a snake or perhaps a racoon.

    In the mean time, since this is technically a leaving thread, please post any fond (hopefully) memories you have had with me: fun interactions, screenshots or whatever. If you do not know me or can't think of anything, please post why you think EMC is amazing. I will enter everyone who posts in a random drawing for 150,000 rupees. Prize will be paid out when I return which is also the latest you can be considered for the drawing. Exactly midnight on the 12th of August.

    Lastly, I will be holding an end of the summer EVENT which I am now accepting donations for at my main res /v eviltoade on smp1.

    I really do hate leaving you all, but I will be back :) Love you all more than you will ever know.

  2. Dammit...

    Was hoping to overthrow the Toade empire.
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  3. EMC is amazing because it's taught me so many things, like social and economic skills :p I've made so many friends here and they're all wonderful (except rhy) :D

    I sadly haven't interacted with you much toade, so I can't really list much about that :( Have fun on vacation!
  4. You evil evil Toade, don't scare me like that!

    EDIT: Where are you going by the way? I love Mexico and have vacationed there multiple times at different places :) Hope you have a blast!
  5. i remember that one time i tries to sell toad a diamond voucher for 750k lol, I have learned a lot since them
    LOL oo wait that was last week
  6. To heck with you toade.. to heck!

    Best memory is when I asked you to give me a signature and you said yes! But you did not send yet :D
  7. Don't play with my emotions like that toade :eek:

    My favorite memory with you was during your 2 year (I believe?) you held an event where the first person to reach you in the wild will win a prize. It was fun getting to you but the part that made me love it so much was that a bunch of people stayed afterwards and made a nifty little base and mine. I didn't get too stay all the long but it was a blast goofing around with all the peoples. There were no prizes or anything extra, people just stayed for fun and that made me pretty happy
  8. You scared me Toade! Don't do dat!
  9. Best memory is when you helped me when I got griefed. You immediately switched servers to check out my griefed place. I love the EMC staff team because of their hard work and immediate care for players in need of assistance. Thank you again! :)
  10. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    eviltoade your one of the nicest staff members you think of everyone I don't know a single person who hates you :(

    We all will miss you so much...
  11. Yeah, I told myself I was going to eat my shirt if the title wasn't some sort of joke. Eviltoade and emc are like peanut butter and jelly! Have fun in Mexico!
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  12. I once asked in town chat "who is the mod that is a frog?" that is about it of our relation.

    EMC is awesome because i live on smp8
  13. Oh my gosh toade you scared me :eek: Have fun in Mexico!
    EMC is awesome because of smp1 and its absolute weirdness:p
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  14. I haven't really interacted much with you Toade, except that time you helped me with my outpost claim borders, but you helped me straight away and were very patient to answer all of my questions :)
    Why is EMC amazing? The custom features are awesome adds something new to the game. And the economy is great for a hoarder like me ;).
    And finally, Because the community is aweome. I've met some people here who mayswell be my actual family and have helped me to go from nublet to nub :)
    Hope you have a great time in Mexico Toade! Bring us back some churros :p
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  15. When I saw the title I got so sad for a sec, I was like "no way".
    It was like an 8/10 lvl of sadness !
    Anyway have fun!
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  16. +1
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  17. Appreciation for the quick assistance on smp6.
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  18. Good Title catch :D ... but remember you aren't allowed to leave Emc Staff it's under contact... remember ...
    *puts this down on yearly review ....
  19. Oh, and enjoy your trip to Mexico!
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