Ill Be On A Trip Could You Vote For Me?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Theomglover_, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. Okay.. The title might seem demanding.. But I not asking you have to vote for me every 12 Hours.. That would be awesome! But no, I will be going on holiday for 2 months.. Yea 2 Months.. I will probably have no internet.. By the way Im going to Philippines :) Not for sport but just a family reunition :) It would be cool it you could vote for me Everyday not 12 hours (you can if you want), you still need to vote :p

    Ill be going away for 2 months 4 December to 1st February :p And could you vote for me everyday or every 2days :) (and 12 hours if you want)

    • Theomglover
    • THEmotionMAST3R
    Pm me if you can vote for me and my alt :)
  2. Have fun on your vacation! Sometimes, I forget to vote for a day, then I lose my streak. :( You probably won't want to rely on me. ;) Long Vacation for ya!
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  3. I have found someone :) Requesting Thread To Be Closed
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