Ignore List Update - 7/28/15

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  1. Hey everyone, here is another code update needed to get us 1 step closer to name changes, the Ignore List system.

    This system was written pretty badly, and with this update we will not be converting old ignore lists.

    This means all ignore lists are now back empty. Please take this time to re-evaluate the people on your ignore list, and put them back on if you are sure you want them there.

    But the system has some improvements, and a few other things in this update...
    • /ignore <player> [reason] - You may now pass a reason for why you ignored a player.
    • /ignore list - now shows using the Fancy Chat system, hover over the name to see the reason they are ignored, and click their name to remove them from your ignore list.
    • Ignore now blocks people from sending you mail
    • /dnd [message] - All Supporters may now set a custom Do Not Disturb in the same fashion as Custom /away messages.
    • Res locations now properly check based on residence owner supporter level rather than person running the command... If you had a Supporter create locations for you to put you over your limit, please remove those extras created before we find them :)
    • Should hopefully have fixed Residence Enter/Leave/Chat issues
    • Should hopefully have fixed random disconnects with mysterious kick message with technical stuff in it (can't reproduce it so not sure it's fixed but made an attempt)
    • Made the Player Settings login message only show if you're less than 1 month old on EMC to reduce login clutter.
    • Improvements to PVP Penalty Timers to ensure all escape routes get penalized.
  2. Another awesome round of updates. :)
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  3. /ignore Aikar trolololol
    just kidding bossman XD nice work, as ever!
  4. I really missed my res. messages (only 2 on my 4 res. worked) so I'm very happy to see that they might be fixed now ^.^ thanks!
  5. Nice Improvement, Like always.

    Edit: Love how all the updates are when i am usually sleeping, :p
  6. I try to do them when theres only 130~ or less people on :p... IE: 2am EST ._.

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  7. Already set my dnd message... "Hey! Be quiet you dang kids, and get off of my lawn!"
  8. Now I have fancy commands to use with all 0 people I've ignored!
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  9. I need sleep but good job :)
  10. Who needs sleep when there's EMC?!
  11. Good Job Aikar! Time to check that ignore list which has never had person on it :p
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  12. Great updates, thanks Aikar! (well, all apart from the PvP timers: they annoy me so much...)
  13. This update should actually improve the timers. It won't lower them, but it'll take away my cheat. :p

    Bad update. ;)
  14. We can fix that ;) otoh, better not, Aikar is watching :D
  15. Cool :) Thanks.
  16. In the last update thread I made note that PvP timers no longer affect you if you haven't been hit/attacked within 15s. So if the timers are causing you pain now, you must be trying to escape death and you shouldn't do that :)

    But it's guaranteed empty now =P
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  17. Loving the update :D

    I like the /ignore [reason] because people ignore players with no reason and I want to know why Im ignored so i can either fix it or laugh at the reason ( some are funny ).

  18. Thanks for the great update Aikar :p
  19. /ignore EmpireMinecraft You'll never catch me alive!
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  20. /res kick cadenman but I can sure try! :)

    Oh wait, say, caden, want to come to my res. real quick? ;)
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