Ignoramoose's Playtime

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  1. So on smp2 today, ignoramoose had some fun messing with Cordial_Pie, Jacob5089, and I.
    I took some screenshots, but what is seen, is not all that happened. He also turned us invisible for a bit.
    2013-05-24_19.22.01.png 2013-05-24_19.16.34.png 2013-05-24_19.16.26.png 2013-05-24_19.13.22.png 2013-05-24_19.00.13.png
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  2. 2013-05-24_19.06.37.png
    Well, we found the empire vault. Somehow. We teleported there :/ weird.
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  3. *Moose teleported us there.

  4. How do you guys kn0whim so well?
  5. This is probably one of the funniest things I have seen.
  6. Being a longtime member and depending how often he's on they've probably talked to him a lot. Most of SMP5 knows Dwight and Torian well. There are those from 7 who know Aikar and iSMOOCH pretty well.
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  7. Nope, it was all out of the blue, I think this may be the first time I have EVER made any type of contact with ignoramoose. It was pretty funny, and we didn't know, but krysyyjane9191 was in on it...
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  8. This is a fitting way to spend my 100th day on EMC, though, isn't it?
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  9. But.... why me? It all started with me......
  10. No, I was the first to have the bedrock happen to
  11. He came to my second res and started letting fireworks go and put me in a bedrock box, then he put me in webs.
  12. Yes, but before that, I was staring at the tutorial and it happened, then at my res, he did it again, and shot fireworks and teleported me
  13. We should wait for moose and hear his explanation.
  14. I pm'd him to thank him for the fun
  15. Krysyy, ignora and I all joined same day- were petty good friends because of that. We a,so had a 400th party together (kind of)
  16. Q: Who is more powerful than Liam Neeson?
    A: Vishnu
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  17. Almost 500 days for me, all I got so far is a " hi sky " from a mod to whom I said hi to.
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  18. Moose gave me his first poisonous potato, I still have it.
  19. Really? We do?
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  20. ... I am confused, who was it... because I am Ninety-Ten Percent sure it wasn't ignoramoose