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  1. Hey community

    I was wondering if EMC aka Aikar would re enable to feature of being able to dispense lit TNT from a dispenser. Could really see the benefit from an economy perspective (Wood farms stone farms) Is it possible to make it re-enabled just in town on residences? Maybe the default flag being off?

    Would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW if you can find my old thread regarding this suggestion I will be... Impressed? (Might come with rewards?)
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  2. I got to say this seems deviously epic ;)
  3. Defenetly a +1 from me. I have been working on a redstone contraption that can do this for you (basically a TNT-stafe block storage with single line output) but that was getting rather large, this would genually be helpfull :)
  4. At this time any and all decisions that include items that affect server performance will not be approved. We need to get 1.13 stable and with performance issues being a major part of that, we are not looking to reenable any features that sacrifice performance at this time.

    We may re-evaluate once 1.13 comes out and is stable.
  5. igniting tnt isn't difficult tho
  6. For automatic tree farms it is :D
  7. I'll send you the redstone contraption I was working on if and when I finish it :)
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  8. Confused because there is a tnt light option in /res set and it looked like a tnt
  9. Ahh from a dispenser ok got it
  10. YES, indeed that is my old thread I have been wanting to start again. I have been waiting for current priorities to calm down a bit like what Krysyy said. The thing is there will always be "Current Priorities", and understandably so.

    Please read my archived suggestion to supplement this active thread. (Some replies in that archived thread seemed to show a misunderstanding of the suggestion.)

    I would like to address the point Krysyy also stated, that auto-dispensing sacrifices performance. So yes, it is a given that any action on a server causes load (potential lag) . . .

    BLIP or SPIKE (Single occurrence)

    . . . and so automatic timed actions would cause a predictable ongoing load if that chunk is active . . .

    BLIP . . . 5min. . . BLIP . . . 5min. . . BLIP . . .<etc> (Like a heartbeat)

    . . . and even more so continuous actions elevate the server load until the actions end . . .
    From my understanding Banners do this.

    Here is a quote from my previous suggestion . .
    "As for the concern about LAG from TNT. The time between each dispensed TNT would be counted in the number of minutes, not seconds."

    That said, it is understandable to place restrictions on the frequency of dispensing lit TNT. Maybe having the restriction limiting the 'Lit TNT' to a single dispenser. Or create a new dispenser that can be given to or bought by approved players.