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  1. Hey community

    I was wondering if EMC aka Aikar would re enable to feature of being able to dispense lit TNT from a dispenser. Could really see the benefit from an economy perspective (Wood farms stone farms) Is it possible to make it re-enabled just in town on residences? Maybe the default flag being off?

    Would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW if you can find my old thread regarding this suggestion I will be... Impressed? (Might come with rewards?)
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  2. I got to say this seems deviously epic ;)
  3. Defenetly a +1 from me. I have been working on a redstone contraption that can do this for you (basically a TNT-stafe block storage with single line output) but that was getting rather large, this would genually be helpfull :)
  4. At this time any and all decisions that include items that affect server performance will not be approved. We need to get 1.13 stable and with performance issues being a major part of that, we are not looking to reenable any features that sacrifice performance at this time.

    We may re-evaluate once 1.13 comes out and is stable.
  5. igniting tnt isn't difficult tho
  6. For automatic tree farms it is :D
  7. I'll send you the redstone contraption I was working on if and when I finish it :)
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  8. Confused because there is a tnt light option in /res set and it looked like a tnt
  9. Ahh from a dispenser ok got it