If you were to nuke 1 server which server would it be?

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  1. Hey guys if you were to nuke a server what server would it be response to reasons why would be greatly apreciated

    Server wanting to nuke:SMP1
    Reason Destroy Nick5013 melon farm

    I do not mean any offence to Nick5013 he was the only person who liked melons just as much as me
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  2. I foresee a flamewar. I'm out.
  3. shorten your urls

    and smp9
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  4. Server wanting to nuke : SMP3
    Reason to Destroy : The spread of the Pie virus has gotten to much at large there. Potato vaccines cannot be distributed fast enough, therefore it the area must be cleansed of the wretchedness.
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  5. Utopia so normal players can get their sweet REVENGE!!!!!
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  6. Server wanting to nuke: Stage
    Reason Destroy: 'Cause We See No Preformances
  7. Man best one yet i love it xD
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  8. Server wanting to nuke: SMP8
    Reason: I wanna see if BrenJone's bunker will allow me to survive such a blast.
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  9. - Utopia
    - Maybe people will stop afking xD
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  10. SMP9

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  11. I am sure that the melon farm would be able to nuke smp1 itself. Or at least bring a slow, laggy, painful death to the server.

    Server to nuke: smp3
    Why: Least casualties
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  12. Gonna go ahead and put this down that nick turned on his harvester and took the TPS to 8.8 on SMP1 and wouldn't turn it off until I messaged him "I beg you on the behalf of melons!". I dunno how he had enough fps to turn it off xD
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  13. Server: smp9
    Why: I just feel like it bwhahahahahah!

    Bye smp9ers bwhahahahahah again =)
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  14. I'll have you know the pie virus is spreading fine on smp3! And that we are sitting at a nice population of 2500000 million melons.
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  15. Smp: 3
    ask any mumbler smp3 is the slums of empire
  16. You're forgetting there is a nice part to smp3 too :)
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  17. But it has been nuked so many times already
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  18. To prevent further destruction of just about the most important server in technical EMC, I present to you:
    The performance of the nick5013 band!

    (OMG stage video, although it shows nothing special at all.)
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  19. Well It Seems Stage Can Stay =)
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  20. Utopia. Reason: less awkward silence
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