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  1. Though the corrupt influences have long faded from these dark corridors, their power lingers on in the unbroken Shadow Orbs that reside here. Some make their homes among the purified chasms, but they say on a moonless night voices whisper vile threats from the shadows where the Orbs still hover...

    Something big is coming. Something ominous. But it is an embryo, an inkling, an idea half-formed and yet unborn. And it needs your help.

    I won't spoil the details, though some of you might know or at least guess what gears are turning here. What I will say is that I am seeking to give my stories form. Interactivity. And for that, I need your ideas. Puzzles, parkour, boss battles and quests, anything the above passage inspires in you, let me hear it. Custom items, mobs, scripts and spawners - anything goes.

    But don't be shy. I don't have long to wait, and It is coming soon...

    EDIT: Okay, to be a little clearer, we're talking about designing an adventure map (or something very much like it), and I need as much community input as you can give me. I can't promise to use all, or even most of the suggestions, but proper credit (and perhaps even a fitting reward) will be given to anyone who comes up with something I can use.

    8/20/14: First person to present a solid idea or concept I can use, will be given 10,000r. Please note, this is not a "Halloween"-themed project, so while there's a dark and spooky element the environment, we're not talking Haunted Houses, ghouls and gheists and jack-o-lanterns.
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  2. I used to be an adventurer.... But then I took an arrow to the knee.
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  3. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings
  4. Something tells me my post still isn't quite clear enough... >_>

    I mean stuff like "Make a parkour section over ice - if you fall, the ice breaks and you get a Slowness effect from being in cold, freezing water."
    Or "How about an item that turns enemy mobs into random passive animals when you attack them with it, like a magic wand?"
    That kind of thing.
    /neither of these are actually being used, but you get the idea.
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  5. Two pirate ships intertwined in battle. Shooting each other with its cannons.
    But instead of water, the ships be in lava.

    Team vs team, grab the bows and arrows cause each ship is equipped with redstone and loads of TNT, in which the other players need to take aim and hit all the opponents buttons with arrows. As the TNT explodes, you want your opponents to fall in the lava lake!

    But be wary, hit the wrong buttons, and skeletons or other nasties will swarm your own decks and try to mob your ship!
    And if that was not enough, if the battle is not over quickly enough, the kracken will awaken (withers) to take ye to davey jones locker!

    ^^^^am I closer?
  6. How about a parkour section over ice; if you fall, the ice brea- nevermind -_-

    For real though.
    If this map is going to be in 1.8, I would you to make use of Relative Teleporting and just freak people out with impossible things.
    This is an example a Redditor did with the Stanley Parable "Adventure Line"
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  7. No guarantees it'll be 1.8, and in fact I somewhat doubt it.
    But yes, that's closer to what I'm asking at least.
    This is something that'll emphasize teamwork and cooperation, so PVP / team-based competition by itself isn't useful, but there may be features or ideas that can be adapted from scenarios like that.

    If you guys remember the old EMC CTM thread, I'm kinda asking for the same here - except not just custom items or mobs, but concepts as well. All ideas, big and small, are welcome, since you never know what might strike that spark of inspiration.
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  8. Meep?
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  10. This really makes me think of a haunted mansion with witches/ghouls/& such. What Trapper posted above would work out perfectly for it. :D I know something like this has been done already, but it's my favorite to watch the person/team to figure out how to get from room to room. With cool puzzles to solve and traps of death!

    Good Luck,
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  11. Imagine, for a second:
    Your vision fades from black. You are in a graveyard. It is nighttime. Rain pounds the ground, lightning strikes. Behind you and to your left, there is a dense, dark forest. In front of you is what appears to be a old, decrepit mansion. To the right is the driveway and front yard, leading off into the distance. If you were to follow it, you would find it abruptly ends at what appears to be an endless abyss. Some music seems to come from the direction of the house. At the entrance to the graveyard, something catches your eye. A chest with a beam of light coming through. It is flashing colors, shades of blood red intermixed with the colors of the rainbow. If you knew morse code, you might realize it is flashing the word Voodoo. You suspect you might be going crazy. The chest is about fifteen yards in front of you.

    As you walk up to the chest, you start to notice how odd the graveyard is, and how you seem to be going abnormally slow. The graves are a patchwork of unique tombstones, large, small, old, new. None are marked. Something tickles your eardrums. The chatter of disturbed souls. Starting at a whisper, it gets louder. It gets louder than you can bear. But as soon as you near the chest, it abruptly stops. You open it. It contains 66 bread, a sword, and a leather tunic, stained black. You put the gear on. As soon as you look away, the chest and light disappear. You start walking at what might be considered a "normal pace". As you near the house, you recognize the song. A children's song, one you sang in your toddler years. Something seems off about it though, less merry and more like something you hear at a funeral. And the lyrics have changed.

    "Ring around the rosy, pockets full of posy, ashes, ashes, we all fall dead."

    That is what I imagine to be a cool opening scene. You are in a dream that you can't get out of. In the house, rooms change, disappear, and appear. Some seem mismatched for the house. Statues turn to monsters and monsters to statues. It is a horrible nightmare, if only you could just wake up.

    Everything I just described, by the way, can be done with command blocks, worldedit, and a custom Texture Pack.
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  12. How would you not make the map in 1.8?
  13. Because even after release, it takes time for servers to update. And because I'm not confident Mojang will have 1.8 out by the time this map is due to go live. If I can use 1.8 content, so much the better, but I'm not going to rely on it.
  14. Oh, I didn't know that it was going to be on a server.
  15. If I get this done and functional in time, then my intent is to host an off-server event for EMC, a few months down the line. The catch is, I have a very solid deadline I must meet in order to make it worthwhile.

    Keep the ideas flowing, folks. :)
  16. You wake up in a shallow grave, ridden of your memories you find yourself in a deep and dark forest. You rubbed your head and felt warm liquid flow from a mysterious wound. Beside you is a shovel, cake with dirt and on the handle, blood. You struggle to break free of your dirt prison but once you succeeded you wander around the forest aimlessly.

    After a few hours you spot a dim light, as you sprint through the woods the light doesn't seem to be getting closer. Suddenly you hear a low growling sound, quickly followed by a haunting moan you tighten you're grip on the shovel. You search and peer through the brush, after a few moments of silence, a rabbit hops out of the bushes. You sigh in relief and just as you drop your guard the moaning noise got much louder, in fact so loud it felt like it was right behind you. You turn in response and suddenly...
  17. Thanks. Any ideas, concepts, or designs to throw in the pot?
  18. Good advice to keep in mind. Fortunately, storytelling is pretty much what I do, so I don't think there'll be a lot of issue there.
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  19. One thing I can say I won't be doing, is placing an excess of written books.
    Much as I'd like to, I know most players aren't going to stop and read in the middle of the adventure, particularly not with others around.

    In related progress news, I spawned an "Amplified" world, looking for formations that might serve as the basis for the Shadowspire. Took a bit of hunting, but finally found one. Amped worlds are insane... :eek:
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