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  1. Back when I started the LLO as an experiment I had other ideas in mind too as alternatives.
    LLO was the idea that on a (back then) new server with a back then brand new biome type I wanted to try a really open wild community. One that might respect each other and maybe even the landscape with respect. And I think that worked pretty well ;)
    But I had other ideas too that I will probably never try out myself so here they are:

    Images used are not my builds but jsut examples I googled to illustrate the ideas.
    Links below the images point to the image sources according to google image.

    Vacation Paradise
    Gated / Guarded tourist resort with hotels, tours, games. Town people can book a vacation including a guide for the trip.

    Fallout City
    Undermining the wild with big nice underground buildings. Pretending the wild surface is totally hostile after some apocalyptic event. Underground farms etc, telling storie of the past and coming up with defenses against the post-apocalypse mutants.

    Forgotten Oasis
    An outpost that look like archaeologists found this place. Temples, ruins and small huts for the scientists. Maybe some villagers too.

    Big collaborative farm with a small village. Medieval style.

    Camping ground
    Some facilities for residents and more or less zoned layout for campers

    Fuel stations / motels
    Not really an outpost but more a project. Putting small huts, mooshroom food stations etc in the wild. Maybe funded by donations and protected by all the people that like them.

    The wild university
    No better place to learn about minecraft materials, mobs and many other things then the wild.
    University would have showcases for mining techs, mob fighting practice areas, a library and of course teachers giving tutorials.

    Eveything under water. See "Fallout City". Both could be under the same project.

    Sky city
    Floating platforms with builds on them.
    *Disclaimer* We have tried this at the LLO but the project had been abandoned after an initial giant dirt platform was 2/3 finished.

    NPC City (suggested by Kephras)
    Simply put the idea is an entire city designed with Villagers in mind. It retains the general aesthetic of standard Village buildings, and allows them to roam free - ideally, expanding to fill the whole region.
    Alternatively, you could create other city designs around the same concept - oak and cobble get a bit dull in vast quantities - as long as your villagers are safe to roam freely throughout the city's boundaries. Walls recommended.
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  2. The Aqua city looks great! ;)
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  3. I have an underwater city on smp9, it's just not open to public yet. :D
    Though I might want to move further away from a spawn…
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  4. Well as I said I only googled up some images to illustrate the ideas.
    But I agree. The thing looks awesome!
    The page says it took him two weeks to make this by himself. Not sure what settings (creative / survival) and pretty sure no griefers or creepers to worry about.
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  5. I LOVE the fallout idea, ive always prefer d the underground but have never done anything on a huge scale
  6. I would be pleased to help you making this ;)
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  7. Some of these things, I have built/currently building/planning :p
    Nice ideas. Its starting to make me motivated again!
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  8. I like the paradise one....
    Thats just my style....
    When I get the chance I will go build something epic in sunstreak...
  9. That was the plan :) There is so much potential in the wild. Also for wild / town relationships. A successful wild project might want to have offices or other stuff in towns. A thing that for some reason never happened with the LLO. I tried many time to establish embassies but it did not take off. For those ideas it might thogh.

    Also if people say they like idea X or Y other people might start a pm / conversation with them to work together.
    After all the number one rule for the wild (if you do not just go mining) is that you need people. Else it will be as boring as single player.
  10. That sheep in the camping picture freaks me out.
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  11. The Brotherhood of Wolves is actively creating and maintaining "Fuel Stations"
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  12. Single player isn't boring if you are Etho :p
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  13. Yeah from what I saw sunstreak seems to aim at the vacation paradise idea.
    I wish you all the best and be sure to post lots of screenshots and chunky renders :)
    Those will probably make great wallpapers.

    Feel free to link to threads if you already work on an idea here:
    For example suntreak can be found here:
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  14. Awesome!
    Are already doing for that for a while or just decided to "take the job" now? Just curious
  15. This is the main purpose of the Brotherhood.
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  16. I did not wan to bash single player. Just saying:
    What is the point to login to EMC to play alone in the wild? ;)
  17. Do you have a thread or something? Now is the time to promote it ;)
  18. Will this be more or less an expansion plan of the LLO?
  19. I could not really find a good picture for that idea. Most stuff that came up were some drawings of steve camping not actual screenshots.
    What I had / have in mind is basically the vacation paradise one but less luxurious and maybe a bit more spread out.
    Lots of small huts or tents and no big hotel buildings.
  20. You know, these would be cool outposts to have within the XYZ Outpost Alliance.
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