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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by FDNY21, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Alrighty :) I am looking to do a Valentine Event, welcome for anyone to come to!
    It should take place on Friday the 14th of February (Valentine's Day itself). But, I need your ideas! The aim of this thread is to gather an idea for the Event.
    I currently am stuck on what the event will be and what it shall entail. I wanted to involve poppies (wishing they were still roses) in it, but not quite sure how to add that in?

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to reply to this thread with it or PM me! I may choose it or adapt it. If no event is chosen in time, I will make some kind of giveaway :p

    Oh, and prizes wise..
    -(You knew this was coming) The iconic "Official FDNY21's Winners token" (total: 12)!
    -(Just a side kind of thing) FDNY21's Valentine Event Rose (total: 64)!
    -FDNY21's Valentine Rose V1 with authentic FDNY21 signed book!
    -FDNY21's Valentine Head!
    -5 redeemable books (Either 1k or 2k each?)
    -(Looking for) Valentine 's Day Gift Rose Special item (PM ME TO SELL ONE PLEASE!)

    Thanks to everyone. :)

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  2. Reminder - Event may be cancelled if there is no feedback or no suitable idea taken.
  3. I'd come if it doesnt end up cancelled. I think you should just give everything to me for the event and call it quitz.
  4. Uhh idk, you could make a res full of poppies then if you get a renamed one then it could be redeemed for something? Im no good at ideas but i dont wanna see this idea go to waste :)
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  5. Tempting, huh? xD
    Perhaps, and there could be special codes on them.. Or we could have chests buried in the ground with poppies around them? Or the poppy parkour, eh? xD Well, let's get more ideas coming guys! :D
  6. Still looking for ideas.
  7. Possibly a Valentine's day drop party, or maze. I'd be happy helping you design the maze/drop party room.

    Maybe the redeemable books can be for bigger prizes, say a Beacon, or 10,000 rupees, but you'd have less of them.

    I don't think the event should be held ON valentines day, but maybe the weekend after.. That'd fit MOST schedules of the love birds. :rolleyes:
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  8. >:D I like what piggeh said about drop party and maze! If you need redstone help just tell me I'll do it all free :D Ofc. I would have to be there to :D
    :L Piggeh is in "Love"
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  9. I strictly never do Drop Parties myself due to the amount of complaining. The maze is a fair idea - but does come with its fair share of rage quitters :p

    'The Big Dig', my first and only event for my year on EMC, went down a treat. I want to have an event where most people will be happy - of course, not everyone is going to be happy with the decision, but keep the ideas coming and I will see what I can do!
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  10. what if we hid chests or even made a pressure plate activate dropper and give them a book saying " you win ....." or just hide chests :D
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  11. We could possibly hide chests around a residence. I do not really have a lot on my res however. Therefore.. May need a different/adapted idea :D
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  12. I'd love making a maze following Dwight's mazes and krysyy's mazes...
  13. I have an idea >:D let me mess around in singleplayer though for a module of this
  14. >.> nah we can build stuffs on my res as long as people don't get container we do access signs :p I have a 60x60 platform above my res we can do it on!
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  15. I would prefer to do it on one of my residences just generally so it is safer and what not :)

    Those mazes make me rage :p If we were to make a special maze for Valentine's Day.. we would need a special Valentine idea.. hmm.

    Let's keep the ideas coming - bump!
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  16. I am going to be busy over the next week but I should be on a fair amount still.

    Anymore ideas? Bump.
  17. When do you think this would be? (time wise)
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