[EVENT/CONTEST] EMC Valentine Couple Contest!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by FDNY21, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Hey there fellow EMC members! Today, I, and AliceF3 give you the Valentine Event/Contest!

    To take part, you must go and couple up with anyone in EMC! Yes, anyone! There are going to be 3 categories- The cutest couple, the nicest couple, and the funniest couple!

    The idea is as follows:
    PM me and AliceF3 on the site with you and your partner in the following format!

    Participant Names: (Example) Olaf_C and nick5013
    Couple Name: Olick
    How we met: (Recommended to do as it can make your chances of winning higher, this can be as cute or funny as you like!)

    You will then be entered onto my list, and then in around a week, a new thread will be made with all the couple names in a poll site. Then, EMC will be able to vote for who they think is the nicest couple, cutest couple and funniest couple! They will vote on the poll site after reading everyone's stories in the new thread. On Valentine's Day, the winners will be drawn. There is a chance to win:
    Official FDNY21 Winners token
    FDNY21's Signed book (With according rose)
    AliceF3's Signed book
    FDNY21's Head
    AliceF3's Head
    FDNY21's Valentine Event Roses (Everyone who takes part should get one!)
    5,000 Rupees
    5,000 Rupees

    So, all summed up:
    -Send in your PM's in the format!
    -Vote for your favourite couples in the thread coming soon!
    -Wait for the winners to be announced!

    Go on and join in for the laughs or for the cutes, all here at EMC! Good luck, and have fun! :)
  2. First? Yay, I'm sure this will do good, after watching the ideas thread. Valentines day is coming fast though, you better hurry up!
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  3. No partners as of yet. Please note that I hold the right to cancel if we do not have enough interest. Goodnight to everyone and happy hunting :)
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  4. Uggh I wish I had friends to be a couple :p
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  5. Participant Names: FDNY21 and kyle12cu1
    Couple Name: FDNY
    How we met: We just met.
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  6. PM please :p

    Well, it is all for fun! :)
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  7. Forgot to say it was a joke.
  8. *laughs* Very funny.
  9. I didn't find it that funny, actually.
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  10. I did *sarcasm included* :p
  11. Bump!
    Only one entry so far, remember this can be for the funnies or it can be your actual relationships. Be as serious or as silly as you like!
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  12. I'm forever alone:(
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  13. Ask anyone, just for the lel! xD
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  14. Hm.Maybe, when Lasluin would be here... ;) "just for the lel"
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  15. My boyfriend doesn't have the money for or interest in Minecraft, so I won't be able to participate.
    At least the thread gets a bump now.
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  16. Bump!
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  17. Bump me thinks :eek:
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  19. *Re-opens kissing booth*
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  20. Still only one entry. If anyone has an entry - get it in now else the event will be cancelled :eek:
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