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  1. One thing that would be useful on the voting page is to see for each site when you last voted on it.

    For example, it could say 'Last Vote 12 Hours Ago'. And the 'Vote' button would only be enabled if you can vote again on that site. Otherwise it is grey and says 'Vote Again In 12 Hours' for example.

    In this way, you'd be able to easily know if you can vote on a site again. Most of the sites have different limits, for example 12 or 24 hours. It's hard to remember which sites have which policy, and the exact time when you last voted, and digging it up in the rupee history is just not very convenient.

    Thus, most players I imagine vote just once a day. But they could vote twice on many sites. EMC may be able to get up to twice as many votes on those sites! In addition, you'd get more votes on the other sites because players would know exactly when they should vote again. And for players, they make more money and avoid the annoyance of 'Sorry this IP voted in the last 24 hours. You just wasted the last 5 minutes of your life.' You can get that message on many sites just because you voted a couple minutes earlier than you did the previous day.
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  2. I also thought this was a good idea myself before you made this thread.
    I don't know if it's possible to do this, but I think it would help EMC become more popular.
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  3. I do argee with Todd_Vinton (or do I really have to call you Enterprises...) but, I'ave got four accounds to vote for at the moment, so it should be based on IP. not on the one that voted :)
  4. I still go by Todd :)
  5. As a stopgap measure, what I do is make two bookmark folders, one for the 12 hour sites, and one for the 24 hour sites. Right click on the folder and click "Open all Bookmarks" to open all the pages within. When I vote on each group, I rename the folder to the current time. For example, right now I have one folder named "12hr 1:01" and another named "24hr 1:04am".
  6. I don't really like the part about disabling the buttons. The idea itself is a good one, no arguments there, but setting something like this up also means that whenever the voting sites change their policy then EMC would need to change theirs as well. And that's when I really wouldn't like seeing disabled buttons.

    For example: last year added a short "voting madness" period where we could vote every 6 hours (I think) instead of every 12. Needless to say but I don't think EMC would be able to follow up on that just as quickly.

    Then there's the issue of people who have alts. There are ways where you can vote for multiple accounts, I often do this to help some of my friends out. But I'd really dislike having to log out in order for the buttons to get enabled again, merely because I already voted or the system thinks I did.

    Other than that I think it's a cool idea, one which might not be too hard to set up.
  7. I agree about disabling the buttons in retrospect. The buttons could instead be 'greyed out' but still work. Also, it would be based on the last time you voted on your account for that particular site. So if you voted for a friend, then that would not count.

    However, I do think an effective system would allow a developer to change the voting intervals in 30 seconds, so really the 'voting madness' period would not be a problem provided it was reported to one of the (I think several) EMC developers.

    IP-based would be great! I didn't want to make the idea too complicated, but it could be based on the last vote from that username and IP address.
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  8. would also help if two people on the same internet could vote too,
  9. That is something which EMC has no control over. The voting sites restrict who can vote and they use the IP address to assume who's a unique person.
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  10. its all doable, its just fitting it into the backlog...
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