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Like the idea of the new mini-boss Spider Queen and Enraged Spider:

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  1. We have had two mini-bosses for awhile, a long while, I think we should have a new one. The marlix is based off a skeleton, the Momentus is based of the giant and the new mini-boss will be based of a spider and this will be called the Spider Queen.
    Spider Queen:

    lore: You see glowing red eyes, watching you from a distance...
    abilities: Spawns enraged spiders and cobwebs all around you and when it attacks you, it gives you 5 seconds of poison and 10 seconds of hunger. In addition to the enraged spiders and cobwebs it will also spawn in cave spiders. When the spider queen dies it will de-spawn all the webs it created.

    buffs: Speed II and Strength II
    Weapons strong against it: Anything that can set it on fire and swords with Bane of arthropods
    Weapons weak against it: Bows and swords with out Bane of arthropods
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock-1-very rare
    Stable Voucher-1-Very Rare
    Vault Voucher-1-Very Rare
    Dragon Stone Fragments- 1-3 -Rare

    Drops that are special only to the Spider Queen:
    Infinite Web-1-Very Rare: Able to give you one cobweb every 24 hour, Final and Soul-bound
    Running Boots-1-Very Rare: Chain or Gold boots that give wearer speed buff II, Final
    Queens Crown-1-Very Rare: Gold helmet that gives wearer strength buff II, Final
    Emeralds- 1-10 -Rare
    Cobweb- 6-10 -uncommon
    Shiny Spider Eye- 4-16 -Always
    Spider head- 1-4 -Always
    When Running Boots and Queens Crown are worn together they give you Speed and Strength I, so it's not too OP...even though it still is
    along with the Spider Queen there should be Enraged Spiders. These Enraged spiders will be like Enraged Zombies and Skeletons. When they die they drop Dragon Stone Fragments like the Enraged Zombie and Skeleton, but instead of shiny flesh or arrows they drop a new item called Shiny Spider Eye.
    Enraged Spiders:
    Spider head-1-Rare
    Diamond- 1-3 -Rare
    Dragon Stone Fragment-1-Rare
    Shiny Spider Eye- 4-15 -Uncommon
    I thought I heard of a thread talking about Enraged Spiders, but I never found it. If there was one please tell me in the comments. Hope you like my ideas on the Spider Queen and if theres any ideas you would like to add leave a comment :D.
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  3. +1
    I actually have this mob on the adventure server I was making. It was even called spider queen too.
    It is a spider with high health, high attack but slower than a regular spider. It would summon Spiderlings (cave spiders with high speed and low health) and shoot cobwebs in the air, that would fall down or stick to any surface, making hard to move around her. We could definitely have something like it here on EMC.
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  4. Wow we are similar and best wishes toward your server :D
  5. +1 just out of curiosity, where would it spawn? Like the Momentus usually spawns in flat areas. I really hope this mob gets added soon :D
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  6. it could spawn in a forest like biome because spiders are most commonly found in the forest IRL
  7. How about Regina Aranea. Or Regina for short. (Latin)

    Regina = Queen
    Aranea = Spider

    Imagine the spawning message: Regina ain't putting up with any of yo shit. She comin' for you!

    +1 for a spider boss. It should be a name, similar to Marlix and Momentus.
  8. I like the idea
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  9. This has already been suggested by Chickendice, very similar too
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  10. I knew I have seen it somewhere, but was not sure. Please give me link of the thread please:D.
  11. I'll try to find it =P

    Could not find
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  12. I don't know about you guys but for me, as someone with Latin background, this is the silliest name for a boss I've ever heard.
  13. Heh. I don't see the need to go to different languages for basic translations :p

    I like spider queen. Doesn't particularly need the mob's variant in it, though. Marlix is a made up word as far as I know.

    Edit: mesothelae is a variant of spider that looks similar to our MC spiders. Could do some wordplay magic on that. It also lives in forested regions, like Vietnam.
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  14. Maybe name it, instead of that, Aragog (Hagrid's spider, from Harry Potter)
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  15. no that's copy right
  16. No sure that Harry Potter copyrighted the name Aragog
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  17. I like the idea, it's just I think the drops would ruin the market a bit. I mean, I get that the Tick-tock dirt thing would be very rare; but that's more of a Senior Staff Service, not a drop. That is all.
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  18. but the Momentus and Marlix drops the Tick tock at least thats what the wiki said
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