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  1. Hey, I'm opening a shop soon and this might be a danger to my wallet. It would be useful to add rupee vaults (like normal item vaults, but instead with rupees). This vault could be used on shop signs to take money out of that specific vault and if you hit the 0r, the shop wouldn't abuse your total savings.

    Only way atm is to buy alts, something I don't find very great.

    What do you guys think about this ?
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  2. I see your problem.
    Have you tried filling the chest with something like dirt to avoid overselling?

    If not, I think you might be on to something cool. Set how many rupees you are willing to go down to until your shop no longer buys from players.
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  3. Honestly, I just send my money over to an alt.

    But, for people that don't have alts, this would be cool +1.
  4. I find this great for people whom have no alts or need space to store rupees, although wouldn't it be cool to make like a wallet to insert the amount to put in and click a button to take out how much you want out?

    Otherwise, +1
  5. wow, A+ for the idea. heh, I once made a huge mistake as a starter and made pay 500r for a diamond and sell it for 400r :p . I lost all my money then :D. so yeah and this will help malls that people sell stuff at.
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  6. Except that's 26.99.
  7. In over a year I have seen this same thing proposed several different ways. maybe once a month it comes up and not once has it been taken up by the dev team. it would be cool but there are so many other work arounds that it really isn't necessary. if you only have 100k and are worried about losing it, easy, don't make sell signs. if you are making a large mall that sells a lot or pricey items and you don't want to lose much more, fill the chests with dirt to where you are willing to lose, or just keep it stocked. and if you start stocked then you aren't going to lose rupees because your gonna buy it back to the shop for less than you sold it for.

    You can also just use the rupees as liquid asset and invest the rest in something you could sell off quickly like diamonds. buy a DC of diamonds to save your liquid capital. you will never have a hard time selling those. or promos and collect interest of sorts. There are players on here that are worth tens of millions but don't have any kind of rupee balance to even notice.

    Like i said, there is several work arounds and regardless its still a cool idea but its just a waste of time for the devs.
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  8. Agreed +1
    I my elf have seen and +1 this idea before, we need it.
  9. I'd get an alt. A small mistake on a shop sign can bankrupt you. Investing in blocks is a smart move if you aren't planning to use the rupees soon. Besides the investment value you gain opportunity sales.
  10. totally agree.
  11. Dirt only works for cheap stuff, buying a stack of beacons is fun (someone halp me lol).
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  12. Wow, willing to pay 30$ instead of just having by exemple ''SteveClasher/2'' in first line of sell sign to have your 2nd wallet used. I just want to have 2 balance you can just swamp, /pay and then /pay2 :
    (/pay SteveClasher/2 1000)(/pay2 SteveClasher 1000).

    It can be done after anti griefing of course, but I don't see the use of buying an alt if you can create another wallet an pay yourself as it was ''another player''.

    and the idea is mainly for those situations when a redstone mechanism to limit the number of drops per slot is taking too much place and it doesn't fit with my design.

    But I am totally ok that you cant get any more reses or promo slots per acount, having an alt for those is something I can understand.
  13. You could do something like this similar to what we do with different res locations, like have Trapper777@shop or something. I'm not sure exactly how it would be implemented, maybe you type a command before you place the sign, or do the /2 thing as mentioned earlier. Either way:

  14. Oh, I'm sorry! I'm +1 on solving this with tech.

    I was caught up in the "don't let sign errors bankrupt you," discussion and forgot this was a suggestion thread.
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  15. I have alts and I can xfer the money to them but I'd rather keep it on me so I like this idea.
  16. I think this whould be a great Idea for the people who haven't got alts, the question is, who hasn't got an alt :p
    annyway, +1
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  17. ...me :D
  18. ...ditto