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  1. Some of us just absolutely hate saying "/vault 1 /vault 2 /vault 3..." just to find that diamond pickaxe you have. It gets annoying and is a waste of time.

    I propose that there could be an actual vault item - a chest.

    To open a vault, you can type the command OR simply right click the Vault chest. The chest's name would be the Vault's name (if it has one) and it's number. Example: Vault 12 / Vault 16 (Promotional Items). The lore would simply say "Owner: (Name)" to signify the owner.

    With this, it can open up simple commands to configure your vault.
    • /vault name (Desired Name) | Whilst holding the Vault Chest
    • /vault rname | (Removes name) Whilst holding thy Vault Chest.
    • /create vault # | To acquire the Vault Chest. # = Vault Number | Cost 500r to buy Chest
    If you lose your chest, you can buy a new one. You can own multiple chests, for each server.
    If somebody else somehow receives your chest and tries to use it, a message would pop up.
    This Chest Vault does not belong to you.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Questions?
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  2. do you mean a chest thats placed or item held in hand and right click with?

    on ground is even simpler to just have a [vault] sign that you place # on 2nd line.
  3. In my opinion yeah I'd love to have one of these 1+
  4. Similar to the Labor Bench. Right click in air.
  5. I would actually like the physical, placed one too.
  6. just sort out your vault
  7. I think this wouldn't be worth the effort. A physical object may be more useful, but it's not something I think that should be concentrated on.
  8. That was also my first thought, but you can't say having a chest that acts as opening one of your vaults isn't a great idea. All of my storage is in my vaults, so this would be an awesome feature for me, since my storage would be a bunch of "empty" chests.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the on-the-ground vault, but we are not always on a residence that we can build on.
  10. Not accessible in the wild then it's good.
  11. I like this idea :) But just think, it would take more effort to open and place the chest than just doing /vault :p
  12. Isn't this already what an ender chest is? Can't you just somehow make a double ender chest or an ender chest with extra space somehow?
  13. Well tbh, that's just an opinion. I would rather take the time to set up chests and then simply right click the respective chest instead of typing /vault [name] every time I want to open a vault.
    Not so much. An ender chest is a SC of storage, whereas your vaults is a large range of multiple DCs of storage.
  14. Well yeah, that's why I said why not make a double ender chest or somehow make it so that your ender chest can access the vault. I don't know, just a thought.
  15. Would this work in the wild?
  16. This sounds great. Aesthetically, I'm not sure if you lose something by just having a sign, as opposed to a physical chest that opens. But if it's 10x harder to code that then I think I would settle for signs. I think some people would prefer a sign anyways due to it taking up less space and resources. I guess it might be handy having it clickable in inventory like the workbench but I'm thinking that when I access my vault I usually want the max inventory space available, so that would be a good option but not as the only way to use it.

    Is it possible to do this?: Make this from an ender chest by adding the sign above/on the chest.
    The number of spots available would have to be tweaked to conform with existing vault pages.


    I was afk awhile and din't see your post. I like double ender chest too, but is that possible??
  17. Well you can't open your vault in the wild...
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  18. I don't believe so. Vault is not available in the wild. You have ender chests for that.
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  19. Just making this clear, my idea is to access the vault via chests that act as Labor Benches.

    I DO NOT claim the placeable chest vaults idea.
  20. Sweet idea!