[IDEA] Observation mode (flying in town)

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  1. The /mode observe command would allow you to observe other residences on SMP towns in fly mode without being able to place, destroy, use other commands, make shop transactions, open chests or even talk. It would purely be for the use of observing residences with the speed set to below walking speed.

    What about all the people that will think that you're using illegal mods and end up reporting you, you might ask? Well, the players in observe mode would be invisible.

    /res pset/set fly false would work alongside this command, giving res owners the full option to turn it off/on.

    It's a nice compromise between a french-vanilla legit server and having the ability to fly. What are your thoughts?

    Addition: When /mode observing back to normal you will be in the same location that you activated it at.
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  2. That would be a great idea! May I suggest the command be /observe xD, and also, would it be on each server, or in one, and you should be able to go /v "Whatever" for example.
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  3. /mode observe, just to make it that bit easier if another "mode" is ever added. :)
    What do you mean?
  4. Well you said that no commands could be used, but I think the /visit command should be allowed
  5. maybe they will add it as a supporter perk in the future. Although I would prefer it to be obtainable by almost anyone!
  6. This should be able to be used by anyone IMO :) We have too many perks at the moment.
    Ahh, perhaps, although the idea is that it's only used when you actually need to observe something. :p
  7. Ah I see xD
  8. This could be cool. And there is basically no way anything can go wrong. I only see one problem, if you shorten the command EMC style it would be /m observe. This could get confused with the /m command for changing your gamemode.
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  9. It is in itself a new game-mode, so I don't see that that would be a problem. :)
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  10. one of the best ideas i have ever heard
  11. /mode's already a command, so not sure how much the system would dislike a vanilla gamemode being added.

    I do like the idea though, with the conditions you posted (vanned player, most things disabled etc.)
  12. Ehh.. /change observe, /observe, /town observe... I would prefer /mode observe but you can't have everything :p
    Glad that you like it :D
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  13. So basically "/mode stalker"
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  14. It'd be meant for looking at buildings but uh, if that's what you're into. O.O
  15. You also said:
    "What about all the people that will think that you're using illegal mods and end up reporting you, you might ask? Well, the players in observe mode would be invisible."

    The random use of italics made it seem kind of dramatic and/or sinister :p
    Of course I'm not saying either of us is into stalking. I just think it seems a bit strange to have invisible players slowly floating around, observing our buildings.
    But since others seem to like the idea, I wouldn't really mind.
  16. Oh I was joking, don't worry. :p Italics because I wanted to emphasise the point. :)
  17. I love it!
  18. I love this idea! This is one of the best suggestions I have ever heard. But if some stalker went in observe mode, things could get a little creepy.......
    JK :p
  19. Would you be able to build while flying?