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  1. We currently have Momentus, which is the zombie miniboss. I was wondering if we can get an uncommon mob that is just the Giant? Nothing special about it like summoning mobs or something; just a giant.

    Giant (Neutral: Passive unless provoked)
    HP: 100 (50 hearts)
    Attack Strength: Base 50 (25 hearts)

    5-10 Rotten Flesh

    Rare Drops:
    Iron Block

    This giant does not get any perks other that differentiate it from a normal zombie (aside from loot and the given health/attack supplied by MCWiki). The giant cannot spawn with gear.

    To ease confusion perhaps the Giant can be released when boss bars are implemented for the current minibosses.
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  2. I don't see why not...
    It would be a good use of the mob and helpful to learn how to kill Momos, therefore helping newbies.
    But there isn't really a need as such.
    So +0.5, I guess.
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  3. Just another source of annoyance to us builders, -1
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  4. Realistically, you shouldn't have much trouble if you are on low difficulty and have lit the area up.
  5. Hm... why?
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  6. I usually approve all mob suggestions people post, but this one sounds unnecessary. We already have Momentus, which is a giant, so a new one would cause confusion, specially among new players. Plus, we've got a ton of cool mobs to work with, why create just a big regular zombie?

    A better suggestion: Skeleton Slime Rider. I have those in my SP rpg map, they're really fun to take on.
  7. It's in the game files and would really be fun to play against. It adds to the survival experience and allows people to actually play their way when it comes to giants, whether it be ranged or melee. I really see no big opposition aside from not being annoyed while building. Even then, it is easily avoidable if you just light up the nearby area.

    Haven't you ever wanted to fight a giant with whatever weapon you desire and not be forced to play in a group on the higher difficulties due to guardians constantly spawning dealing big damage?
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  8. Not really the best idea to shut down a suggestion then suggest a completely new mob and say it's better. :p
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  9. You'd be right if it was any suggestion, but this is a skeleton on top of a giant lime jelly cube, that's objectively better :D
  10. Sounds a bit similar to the upcoming Skeleton Horse Trap.
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  11. If Mojang copied my idea that must mean it's good :p
  12. Well, did you suggest it? ;)

    Ah, okay. Sounds good, other than possibly getting confused with a Momentus. But well, in that regard an enraged Zombie and a regular Zombie have more potential to get confused.
  13. Realistically, it will be easier to differentiate once you know that the Momentus wears armor and a sword whilst the giant is... naked
  14. Yeah, that's what I meant when adding that you'd more easily confuse a regular zombie with an enraged zombie. ;)
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  15. You'd be right if enraged zombies weren't constantly on fire, which is a darn good way to tell them apart from anything else. It's actually easier to mistake an enraged zombie for an enraged skeleton then for a regular zombie (of course, provided you're a little far away).
  16. How about we just make it a passive mob jk. (or am I?)
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  17. By passive, I assume you mean neutral?

    Passive would be like a cow or a sheep.
    Neutral would be like Zombie Pigmen or a Spider during the daytime.

    But you do have a point; making them neutral would be less of an annoyance to the builders and would allow optional combat.

    Was that a confirmation of the Giant mob by the way?
  18. as long as it doesnt stomp ur god armor into the ground, lol! ^.^

    momentus almost made me rage quit but it was kinda funny!
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  19. No, I meant passive. And I confirm nothing
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