IceCreamCow is Following me?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jameskim885, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. First of all I am super happy about this. Everybody is. But Im Wondering did he do it because he follows people randomly or he has a reason. If you do know Please Answer

    PS:Thanks IceCreamCow for following me if your reading this
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  2. Not sure why you had to make a thread about this, but congrats.
  3. Well he followed me the other day, so he may just be on a following spree :p
  4. He must have a system. :p
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  5. Yea... he followed me the other day too... and i asked why? he said: following spree
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  6. He followed me and a friend today also, I'm not sure what he's up to :p
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  7. Following spree!
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  8. Why does everyone freak out when a mod follows them? Unless you're doing something bad you shouldn't worry. Also Mods are people and players too. Are they not supposed to follow people?
  9. Followed me too.
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  10. he is not following me :(
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  11. I can't let him beat my following record! haha jk
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  12. Strangely, I don't think you need to worry :p
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  13. I wonder of he will follow me?
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  14. Looks like Equinox went on a like spree! :D
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  15. Haha yeah. :p
    IcecreamCow and I think a like :p
    (haha see what I did there?)
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  16. ICC followed me too, I asked him and he said he mass follows when he is online, he likes to see the avatars of the people that are online :)
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  17. ICC would follow me, but he's too scared. Lava walls, you see.
    Edit: Oh, wait, he's followed me. He has nothing to fear, with his banhammer and such.
  18. Meh,I'm only followed by Aikar.
    Only :rolleyes:
  19. Watch IcC now come in and as a joke be like "BECAUSE I'M WATCHING YOU!" and everyone freak out.