ICC Is a female

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  1. So someone asked if ICC was a female and I said No but then I realized..

    Cows are Female...
  2. Not all cows... how would they have babies? Asexual reproduction?... No. Just No.
  3. There is a such thing as a male cow-how would they mate?
  4. Not all cows are female... Minecraft Cows are anatomically female though. But IcecreamCow doesn't have udders.
  5. Cow = Female
    Bulll = Male? I'm just guessing. Maybe I should consult the almighty google
  6. A bull is a "male cow".
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  7. The word "cow" is used to often that people forget about bulls.
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  8. Yup...
  9. There aren't male cows. They are called bulls. Cows and bulls are called cattle, but cows are ALWAYS female and bulls always male :p
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  10. Exactly!
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  11. Well, when cows love each other VERY much...
  12. Hehe, you can trust a ranch girl on this, especially being spanish xD SO! ICC is... female :eek: I don't know if we are getting into trouble here or not xD I sense the Ban Hammer cutting the air over our heads.
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  14. ah, but wait.
    according to my sources (wikipedia lol)
    A female cow is only called a cow once the have had one or two calfs of their own.
    Before that, they are heifers
  15. Cows = female
    Bulls = male
    Steers = umm.. how do I explain this?

    So I guess that ICC is a female cow with offspring.
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  16. A rather thorough hair cut?
  17. I dare a mod to put this on the front page xD
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  18. think of ICC as IcecreamCattle
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  19. That is one way of putting it.
  20. haha