[ICC Head Drop] Saturday 11/23/13 7PM Central

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by IcecreamCow, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. Since I didn't see this popup, what server is this going to be on?
  2. Hope Doctor Who will be done by then, it should be.
  3. We're is this gonna be?
  4. Omg! This is on my birthday! But unfortunately, I'm going somewhere for my birthday :/. Wish I could be there!
  5. Where is this event?
  6. I think Ill be able to go but im getting my wisdom teeth taken out today lol. I probably will be able to go though
  7. i wonder if rubenhaz is going to get 4 heads again...
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  8. surprised-space-cat-meme-generator-ohhh-ohhh-a0bed0-2.jpg
  9. Phewwww! Thanks... I really need to get my head around these time zones :confused:
  10. cool, its like 6pm for me, i will be there!!
    what server?
    (please not smp2 =P)
  11. I'll announce it in a new thread shortly before the event starts. :)
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  12. Please not SMP3 or SMP6. :(
  13. Im going to be there.
  14. What's the time of this GMT?
    If it's reasonable,I'm going to come

    And what server?
    And where?
  15. Uh...

  16. I meant where in the wild.
  17. It maters little now, if we don't even know what server.
    Once ICC says what server, he will most likely say where to go.
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  18. Hehe 7 Pm tomorrow smp4 would be fun... *Cough* Hint Hint *Cough*
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  19. What Rainbow said. :cool:
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