[ICC Head Drop] Saturday 11/23/13 7PM Central

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by IcecreamCow, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. +1 Wont be fair for those who can't connect!
  2. Since this issue seems to be mega sucking for a lot right now, I may move it back to tomorrow and maybe earlier in the day, say 4 or 5 PM Central Time.

    Does this sound reasonable to everyone?
  3. If I could like that a million times over, I would :D
  4. This works for me, especially because there is no conflict with krysyyjane's DW party i have heard about.
  5. Isnt it 30 til 5 CST? also, if you disconnect once, Youll just not be able to log in.... I cannot log in again :/
  6. Id prefer it today. Even though its hard to get in it might semi limit the amount of people that join, which makes it a lot less laggy
  7. You can often keep trying, doing it earlier will help the EU players and it could be fixed by tomorrow.
  8. Plz plz plz don't change time this is like a perfect time for me and I doubt I would be able to make it tomorrow and I've been waiting for this.
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  9. Oh and yes I like the idea ICC.... Seeing as alot of us cant even play atm :/
  10. But for the 'Bad Login', all you really have to do, is try to get on a couple times. I have had this error, but its still easy to get in. I was looking forward to tonight, and even cleared my schedule to make it.
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  11. Grrr, can't make it tomorrow! I feel bad for all the others, but I do feel that if you say it is tonight, then it should stay as tonight! Though the only server I couldn't get on earlier was smp2 for some reason. Hmmm... Anyway, I just feel that people who could only come tonight were looking forward to this, and for all we know it could be a bad login for the next week! Unlikely, but true. That's just my opinion. :)
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  12. Ya all u really have to do is try a couple of times I had this problem to.
  13. Yes but when you try 50+ times get it to work and get on then get disconnected cuz your internet is stupid, and then try 50+ more times and cannot even get on.... It gets very obnoxious. Although, I hope if it stays tonight others will still be able to get on.
    It has been all servers for me, cannot connect to any of them....
  14. I don't think icc should change the time beacause ur internet doesn't work
  15. Honestly, aside from being the most fair to the most people, even I'm having issues connecting.
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  16. So is it going to be changed or not? I'm missing a skating party for this :(
  17. Well, I disconnected and connected to three different SMP servers.
    On the third time it would always let me connect. First two times were bad login errors.

    So the larger question is then:
    Will this issue be fixed by tomorrow, or will it be the same?

    I could see waiting for this issue to be fixed before doing the party. But to extend it a day when it will most likely still be at issue...

    Just my 2 cents, and totally up to the mystical ICC!

    (and akela, im dissin a birth day party for this tonight, lols)
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  18. That is not the cause of it, it's a Mojang issue, loads of players are getting it.
  19. Okay, what if since we KNOW that people are having issues tonight and won't know if it'll be ready by tomorrow, I'll just give it more time and say we'll for sure sometime do it next week? I'm sure it'll be fixed by then.
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