[ICC Event Time] August 21st , 2013 Mob Arena!

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  1. So, I tied Aikar and Max...I mean, they went to sleep early and I am taking over tonight's Mob Arena! I don't know how nice it usually is, but I plan on bringing lots of hell love to this event.

    There will be 3 rounds. The winner from each round will then face off in a final battle for a special sword crafted by none-other than myself.

    Like always, this event will be held in the SMP5 Mob Arena.

    See you there!
  2. Will miss it but Wahoo :D New Special Limited Item :D
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  3. Oh this will be fun to see ;)
  4. So basically 3 rounds, and then 1 more special winner round?
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  5. *chickeneer wonders if IcecreamCow knows that Aikar held a boss arena earlier... YOLO
  6. I do.
  7. :3 can I haz sword to liek fight in da arena o3o
    alzo can I plz get unbannz I didn't do anyth1n to th@ guy in da wild liek 4 weelz ;3
    (this is obviously fake >.>)
  8. Lol. Just was wondering. Nothing wrong with you hosting events; = MORE FUN :D
  9. Wait, is this final battle, PVP?
  10. No, you battle Mobs not people. Type "/help mobarena" in-game
  11. Im confused, wasn't that 30 mins ago?
  12. Aikar did a separate arena that was just bosses. This is me taking over the regularly scheduled mob arena. :)
  13. Now, ICC having we talked about you picking on people? Please untie Max and Aikar, it is not something that nice cows do! <3
  14. lol, i heard from KFC -- i mean... Chickeneer, that they are watching a movie o3o
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  15. Are you implying that icc is a "nice cow"? If so, i will have to disgree with you. Icc is far from a "nice cow", so this is perfectly acceptable and normal icc behavior.
  16. And you brick, smh, what's all this chaos with the res claiming? EMC is going crazy tonight!
  17. Wish i could but I can't risk dropping my head D:
  18. I am , in fact, stating that he is indeed a nice cow.
  19. :p I have my ways. I like to find bugs...