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Is the Top 5 Creations a good idea?

Yes 131 vote(s) 64.2%
No 9 vote(s) 4.4%
IceCreamCow approves (For IceCreamCow) 64 vote(s) 31.4%
    WINNERS FOR WEEK 1 HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED. WEEK 2 VOTING THREAD IS UP CLICK ----> TO VOTE THE WINNERS OF WEEK 2!!!! http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ <==== Clicking the link will take you too Week 2's voting thread! You can VOTE FOR WINNERS OF WEEK 2 creations there!!!! I have chosen the Top 5 Creations of the Week for Week #1. Due to difficulty retrieving the pictures, next week I will only be accepting your creations if they have 1.: 3 or More Pictures and 2. IT HAS TO BE MADE INTO AN "ALBUM" ON Imgur.com. And Week #1 announcing the winners will be posted on a thread linking to the video. Thanks!
    1. You HAVE TO BUILD your creation on the Empire Minecraft servers. 60x60 is way too small for some projects I know. You can use (if supporter) your Utopia res, NEW RULES: CREATION MUST BE IN EMC FOR TO WIN THE PRIZE IF YOU DONT FOLLOW RULES YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM Top 5 Creations of the Week FOREVER!
    2. Once you are done with your creation, take as many pictures of it as you can: (if you don't know how to take pictures in Minecraft here's a LINK to it). Now that you have many pictures, upload them to a picture sharing website called Imgur.com and in the private message, link me too all photos (more photos, higher chance of winning) IMPORTANT: Must be Imgur link in the PM
    3. When you PM me, title the 'conversation' "Top 5 Creations Submission" if not, you will not be qualified to enter.
    4. Do your best and have fun!
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ VOTE FOR WEEK 2 WINNERS HERE WEEK 1 HAS ENDED- IamSaj
    1st - 4000r - Also Get: 5 Diamonds
    2nd - 3550r - Also Get: 3 Diamonds
    3rd - 2500r - Also Get: 2 Diamonds
    4th - 1500r - Also Get: 2 Diamonds
    5th - 1000r - Also Get: 1 Diamond
    Sponsors (Amazing People) (Donate to the Kickstarter Week 1 of Top 5 Creations)
    1. thestar19 (Diamond Supporter) Donated 7000R thanks!
    2. Twitch1 (Moderator) He donated 50,000r!!!! Thank you!
    3. Green_Mystery (Moderator) Donated 10,000r! Thanks Mystery!
    4. Call_Me_DeJaja (Gold Supporter) Donated 25,000r!!! Thanks Dejaja!
    5. Amazin_Swordfish (Member) Donated 260r.
    6. pgray698 (Diamond Supporter) Donated 10,000r!! Thanks for the donation.
    Vote for Week 2 Winners: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/ http://empireminecraft.com/threads/top-5-creations-of-the-week-2-voting-thread-vote-here.13754/
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  2. Remember this is a contest. I will announce when to start submitting your creations by editing the post later on. Good luck everyone! EDIT: IceCreamCow approves! Lol
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  3. Oooh imma make a pig. :)
    Edit : do we pm you? because screenshots dont work in pms.....
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  4. Im in as sponsor with 7,000r if you promise to make atlest 5 episodes :)
  5. No you pm him links from imgur :p
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  6. I cant use imgur my computer is stupid.
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  7. PIBKAC or PICNIC, if you prefer.
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  8. 2012-06-17_08.03.14.png Games lot.png There ya go. Older pictures, but whatever.
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  9. Puush. Duh.
    Edit: Was reading the rules again. Why does the link have to be imgur?
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  10. thestar19 is the first sponsor of Top 5 Creations of the Week! I will go for 5 episodes (10 weeks)
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  11. New prizes updated and doubled in the reward section! (See main post for details) INFO: The Top 5 Creations will be posted with pictures on a different thread on July 16th, 2012 make sure to start submitting your creations now!!
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  13. Me and Rob may have to enter this once our creation is done. We'll see. :)
  14. Here is my entry... Its a casino Im working on with PTHagaard, Kells18 and Spiffiey 2012-07-07_12.52.00.png
  15. I will enter this once mine is finished.
  16. Like a boss, I did it under 5 minutes, WOOOO!
    Now to go in my basement because theirs a tornado coming. Bye.
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