I really hope this isn't considered griefing

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  1. Someone built a tall tower next to the staff-made bedrock bridge on smp9 and then dumped water on it so the water was obstructing the bridge. Sorry about your waterfall but I consider that vandalism so I built this tunnel over the bridge so people can still pass. "x9000-something-or-other-with numbers" said I was going to be banned for sure but honestly I consider what I did to be a service to the community who uses this bridge. I don't mean to be a spoil-sport but now the bridge is actually walkable. Peace.

  2. I think the water is more likely to be considered griefing that building a tunnel to stop the water flow. I don't think thats it's griefing in any way possible.
  3. I'd say the guy who built the tower then dumped water on it is more likely to get banned then u. All u did was make to bridge walkable again, that guy was the one that stopped it from being used as easy. So i doubt you will get banned.
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  4. Only one thing put like a torch under the tunnel so mobs dont spawn during the day time too :) but i could imagine you getting banned for it
  5. What you did was perfectly acceptable. :) Sometimes common sense voids out rules.
  6. OK cool, thanks. I just figured if there was a risk of getting banned, I should at least own up to it and explain my reason behind it. I'm glad you all agree with me. I would never interfere with another player's creation unless I had permission to, or there was a genuinely good reason to rectify an item which is essentially a form of griefing (such as this), or unless it's completely by accident and I didn't realize it. I went back and torched up the inside of the tunnel to keep the nasties out. Cheers.
  7. Lighting the tunnel was unnecessary as mobs don't spawn on bedrock, although they could spawn elsewhere and hid in the tunnel during daytime.
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  8. I am proud of you... tell us up front and we are Cool Mods.... ;)
    We find bad stuff.... not so much LOL
  9. Define 'common sense'. :cool:
  10. You did the right thing :) You just made the bridge usable again, also:
    This. All of my this :p
  11. Understanding what's wrong/what's not.
  12. So basically, if I wanted to light up a community path, common sense would say torches > lava buckets?:p
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  13. Yes :p
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  14. well think of it this way, if it could possibly kill another player, common sense would be not to place it there for example

    Lava kills so go with torches lol

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  15. Oh, I didn't know they couldn't spawn on bedrock. Oh well, at least it looks...friendlier lol.
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  16. Well now you know and knowing is half the battle. :D Like the other staff have said your in the clear.
  17. Alex pls ;_;
  18. I like you Tiburok, the perfect example of the players we want to be part of the EMC community! :D
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