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  1. Hey Everyone,
    So I have been working on a MegaMall on Smp2 for some time now and its still not ready im always stocking it with what I can but I always seem to run out of rupees very fast buying stuff for the mall. I dont want to open it to soon because I want to make a good impression for the grand opening so I was wondering if any of you guys can give me some tips on what to do like how to get it done faster and how to make a lot of rupees so I can also do sell signs so I dont have to constantly stock it all the time. If you have any tips for this please comment down below.

    Thank you
    - MancubPlayzMC

    p.s : If you would also like to donate that would be great as well I have donation chests set up at smp2
    /v 4343 and also if you would like to help with rupees donations that would be Great :) Just do /pay MancubPlayzMC then the amount. Thanks
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  2. You can hire people to get materials for you. People will usually do the jobs cheaper than what you can sell the stuff for. You just have to make sure you have dependable people.
  3. That's a Great idea but I still need rupees for that and I dont have any :(
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  5. Try utilizing smp8 or, another smp for the matter, public utilities. I personally really appreciate pigemtus. Autofarms are a big help with some items too. Also group mining events are a great way to get items fast. Gotta lovery that haste buff. If you don't want to lug a beacon out to the waste.
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  6. You might want to vote, ask people for help ( im sure the community would be glad to help you out :3 ), sell some stuff that you dont need to stock the mall, ask people for jobs to do with the reward of rupees, etc...

    Good luck with your mall :D
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  7. Some ideas that might help:
    1. Open up the mall one section at a time. And see that you get it running well. This way you can focus on fewer items. You can even make it somewhat "game" like. So it feels like your customer can "unlock" the sections. Key is to get 1 section selfsustaining before opening the second. So you can focus just as much on the second section as the first one.
    2. Don't focus too much on your personal gain at the beginning. What you need is people to stock you. They will more likely do it, the more you decrease the difference between at what price you sell and buy. (Careful ofc with goods you will probably never really sell. You can always decrease the amount you buy by blocking spaces in the chest with another item.
    And here some more general tips:
    • The two probably biggest factors of people comming to your mall is accessability and layout. No one is going to remember your player name. So to guarantee access I hope you have choosen a res # that people can remember well. Once people remember your mall, its a factor of how fast they can get to the items they want. They shouldn't have to jump over stuff, run around stuff to see whats on the other side, or accidently fall into hole while looking around.
    • Advertisement. Before your mall really is selsustained it will take month of advertisement. There shouldn't be a single request on your server like "Who sells ...?" Which isnt instantly replied by "Mega Mall #xxxx sells xxx!".
    • And finally as said before, hiring people will help you once you have a somewhat steady income. You can ask them to go for stuff no one really sells to you and you have a big demand for. You might even have to offer these people special deals so that you almost make no profit. (Many Restaurants have some meat dishes that they almost make no profit off. But it would hurt them more, to not offer it at all as customer might be disappointed. Same applies to a mall). You will just profit of follow up sales.
    Well then ;) Figure out the rest yourself :p

    Greetz Hasorko
  8. I already have 10/14 sections ready and also I would want to make a good impression and not want to be under construction when its open. When hiring people its very hard because I run out of rupees fast so I try to get a lot of the easier stuff myself. none of the 10 sections I have made are self sustained because of the lack of rupees so I cant add any sell signs and if I dont have them I would have to all the time stock and dealing with hundreds of chest to stock thats a lot of work so it needs to self sustained before opening just at this time I have been stocking for months and still have 4 more sections I need to set up so right now I guess you could say it getting profit not for my own gain but for the mall stock and to be able to add sell signs as well so people can stock it. It always seem you need rupees to make rupees but with hard work in between and not just for profit but to always improve the mall. The thing with that is stocking items takes a lot of time and I never have time to get rupees and really I dont know how to without selling stuff that I need to stock to get this finished.
  9. I would suggest starting small. Get sections open that are competitively priced or well stocked. As long as the layout is good people will return. 90% of the time I buy something from a mall is because the layout is quick and well thought out. Invite someone over to critique the layout if you have to.

    In the beginning you will probably run out of stock. However make friends with your customers and they might just stick around to support your mall.

    I would start by opening the building block sections of the mall first. These are in demand and get bought in large volumes. This will bring in some cash to open more niche sections like potions and flowers etc.

    Once you begin to make a steady income you can move to a marketplace model. Where you buy and sell. Instead of stocking the mall your self become a middleman. Let people sell and take a small margin when people buy. Keep and eye on auctions to stock demanded items.

    Of course I don't run a mall but that's how I would do it if I did. Best of luck :)
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  10. Originally, I didn't plan to run a shop, but I was kind of forced to. I had quite some mined and farmed stuff accumulated, I wanted to exchange it for other items, but all buy & sell shops that I could find had extremely high margins, usually around 100%. For example, they would buy Cobble at 15r per stack and sell at 30r per stack. I thought that's ridiculous - if they can buy for 15 and sell for 30, then I should be able to sell for 28 and buy for 25. Starting a shop was easy back then. It's not an easy task nowadays, but the challenge brings the fun. :)

    Running a successful "Mega Mall" is all but an easy task. There is a lot to learn and it's a lot of work. If you have fun learning and working on it - go for it. :)

    Most important points
    • stock, so people can actually buy stuff. One DC is not enough, 4 DCs are not too many, 8 DCs are ok for high-volume items
    • space in chests and rupee balance, so people can actually sell stuff. One DC is minimum.
    • good, competitive prices that follow the market, so your mall is not overpriced - and good, high buy prices, so people actually want to sell to you. That means low margin, but be careful
    • spare stock, so you can react to sudden changes in demand
    • good mall layout, so people can find the chests fast and don't feel like they're losing their time
    • bulk-buy and bulk-sell signs (at least a stack), people don't want to lose time, especially sellers
    • support reselling - it's hypocritical not to when your business is reselling.
    • advertising, so your mall becomes and stays well known - both in the forum and in-game
    • stock indicators and preview flag, so people can quickly see what is in stock and what is needed
    To do
    • mine and collect to get some stuff, find out what you're good at and what sells well
    • use existing buy & sell malls to sell what you produce and buy initial stock for your mall
    • resell between shops and malls that support reselling - all serious shops and malls do that
    • use http://azoundria.com/emc/market/
    • visit many shops and malls and notice what is good and what you can make better
    • watch market prices, notice changes, participate in auctions
    • use a shop tool to easily watch what is going on in your shop and to watch your rupee balance
    • advertise in the forum and in-game
    • check stock again, check prices again and adjust where needed
    • as already mentioned, it is good to start small - until you have enough stock
    Good luck!
  11. another thing I did personally do with 1145 (my first meggamall, it isn't running at the moment, I am working on 966) is doing project for people to get ruppees fast, I mean, you can try to sell, buy, sell, buy, things, but you can also say "hey, I'm good at reedstone" or "hey I'm good at designing" and start doing BIG projects for people, that did me get about 500Kr to start with, in less than two months, that, honestly, wasn't enough to make a mall running, I think you need about 1.5 million if you don't alredey have a great stock, so, you do need quite something to start with, I think everything else is alredey mentionned, so, good luck :)
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  12. Thats a great idea, but the people I have done that sort of stuff for (starting small) not alot of r's plus doing big projects for people is very hard to come by because thats alot of rupees to ship out for it. I did the math and its 800k to finish it add all sell signs and set up jobs and thats with having rupees on the side for the sell signs. How do you try and start working on big projects for people since there hard to find?
  13. Vote.
  14. Well, big projects aren't really hard to find, well, if you're as active on the forums as I am, most people know me, and, for some reason, trust me I can do it right, that's all a part of beïng knowd, I personally just really like the forums, so I do just post very often, but, if you really need a big project, serch for it about three times a week, just, only, look through the "newest threads" if someone askes for help with something like building, try to be first, I don't know why, but at always seems to help. One more thing I have to admit, it really helps that my IRL best friend is third highest posting members, he usually gets us our projects...

    one more thing, I did myselve not start as smart, I did have, like 500Kr, but, I just built my mall, placed all shop signs and said "this mall is open, you can now buy and sell stuff to it" I didn't have any stock, but I just waited untill about everything was filled by people, of corse, I was out of ruppees in less than a week, but, I voted every day, so, I did get about 1Kr (two accounds) every day that people could sell me stuff for, and it slowly started running, updates came out, and within 1.5 year the building was to small, (I had a really small building, only half a res x 100block highth) so I sterted working on a way bigger mall, the main structure is done at the moment, I only still have to make interiour, that will take a while, I know, but, that's my last tip, make your building large enough for huge quateties of updates, just like 18 dull res floors, that will do it for a while, and, if that doesn't, start underground, rebuild your lobby with some glass so that you can look through, and just make another floor in the same style, but recognizeble underground, to give yourselve more room, and another one, and another one, I guess that will work for the upcoming years in matter of space...
  15. To get money, get alts. Vote for all those accounts sell the vouchers from the vote bonuses and collect money from the alts. Simply easy money.

    Just know every login is 100r for free accounts, if I have 10 accounts that is 1,000r per day.
  16. My mall is massive its the whole res and 200 blocks tall with 14 layers and its well designed and under the mall goes right down to bedrock for storage and farms and I have 5 reses I work on and there all farms as well, all the floor are the same style apart from the top one that has a 60 by 60 dome on top of it. Im on the forums alot and I always seem to late with seeing the work threads first. I think 14 layer is good because i have all the main components of what most people are looking for and I also look at tons of diffirent malls and see what there price are for an idea of what some of mine are. yer I could say the same by not starting smart because I did not start a small shop I just went right into Mega I really did not think about starting small at all and know i see i should have. The main thing with any mall whether its big or small is to have a mass amount of stock to start with and thats what i have been doing and still doing you can never have to much stock and yer 500k sounds good at a start when putting up sell signs then you dont have to worry to much because of the stock you have alot of. Where do you find the threads for people looking for help to hire because I dont know where to look?

    I only have one alt and hes the treasurer for the FCC so all the voting I do for him goes to the FCC piggy bank so I dont touch his money. I just use my main account for getting voting money but thats only like 100or a day like you said. I wonder how you have 10 alts thats insane and thats alot of money
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