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  1. Hello EMC,
    I am making a boat ice rink and the ice on the res wont stay as ice. the res biome is frozen river so i would expect it to stay frozen. can you please tell me what i am doing wrong and if you waant to come and try it out go to +grief or /v guill 4 :)
  2. Light sources will melt it, use packed ice, it won't melt
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  3. the only light sources are the ones on the paths, i would have thought they wouldn't affect it. also there is bits in the middle near no light sources. Also how am i going to afford that much packed ice XD
  4. You can try a reverse auction or otherwise try finding an ice spike biome. There should be some and then you can mine a lot of ice :)
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  5. Get some moneys XD
  6. Where in EMC is there a Ice Spike biome?
  7. You know we have an ice spike biome at our outpost, right?
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  8. Change your biome in your res. To a winter forest or what ever it is called
  9. Thats way too far tho it takes like 30mins to get there XD and I doubt there is 3600 packed ice blocks

  10. There most likely are. It's quite a large biome.
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  11. So today I went looking on the SMP2 map and guess what? ;)

    This says it all: /waste sw, on SMP2, go north (you'll need a boat) and WHAM. I'm considering to build a bridge here though, because it's not that far out (outpost is somewhat visible from the main land).

    So you say 3600 ice blocks. That would result in 3600/64 = 56 stacks (and 16 blocks). Well, I've been mining here for approx. 20 min. now using my Eff V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III & Mending Pick and well; right now I'm already looking at 1 SC of packed ice plus 6 stacks (which amounts to 1728 + (6 * 64) = 2112 blocks)).* And I haven't even dented the amount of ice here, there's plenty left :)

    * update: 6 stacks left from 1 DC of packed ice (= 45 * 64 + 3 * 64 = 3072 blocks total, a DC has 54 * 64 = 3456 blocks).
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  12. use packed ice it doesnt melt
  13. Packed ice does not have the same look though as some designs need normal as packed has that blur look to it, and you are unable to see it.
  14. alright the put a roof over your rink.
  15. or change the biome /res biomechange snowykingdom
  16. or whatever biome u want it cost 5k tokens
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