I Need Friends!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SaizoTheFifth, May 20, 2013.

  1. I need friends because some forget me or try to avoid me
    also my new signature has some details on me
    any questions about me? just ask!
  2. Awe.... I'm sure no one is avoiding you!
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  3. I know a few people but no names....
  4. Well if you are really from my dreams, I typically try to run away from those people all night long.
  5. I'm sure its not what you think :)
  6. Be nice dear.
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  7. well that's about the fact how my imagination brings me life and stops my sadness in the morning
  8. lol I cant focus looking at my signature
  9. Siri, define " friend "
  10. Doesn't get mad at any question I ask
    doesn't forget or turn on me
    is 'colorful'(creative happy etc.)
    is there for me
  11. The community is your friend.
  12. I posted this thread because I feel a little sad throughout the afternoon
    the only time im happy is dusk when the moon rises
    I also need a person who can give me lucid dreaming tips
  13. Errr.... Well then.
    What do you need help with on lucid dreaming?
  14. well basic tips I try and well... santa was in it It also lower my merories
  15. EX;pokémon dreams
    I had one but there was my brother pwning me not my pokemon...
  16. it was so violent I cant believe I'm not freaking
    I feel even more down thinking about it
  17. also a friend can be a 'social butterfly' they seem to be entertaining

    also anyone creative (but not disturbing) can be my friend
  18. I don't seem to get the lucid dreaming thing :confused:

    Edit: A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming, am I right?
  19. its a way to control your dreams
    its optional
  20. Yeah, I know that :p
    But what do you wish to know?